Brawl Stars Cheats: Top 4 Tips On How to Get Free Gems

No one would like to wait to win. In this fast-moving world, we expect success in everything too soon, both in real life and virtual life.

A true gamer would know what their virtual life would be. You need to keep upgrading to unlock new levels to gain more powers in your game. You can’t think of anything until you finish the game.

The craving to finish your game won’t make you sleep. You will look around for ways to move forward in your game. You would start looking for loopholes to win your games.

Freemium game like Brawl Stars is one such game which keeps us folded till the end. It was developed by SuperCell who are also the creators of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and so on.

4 Tips On How to Get Free Brawl Stars Gems.

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer mobile arena game that needs you to collect Brawlers to gain bonuses and other game benefits in this game. To collect Brawlers, you need gems to open the brawlers.

Gems can also be used to purchase Power Points, Coins, Event Tickets, Gems, and a Token Doubler. You would also be able to purchase Coin Packs, PowerPoints, or Token Doublers using the gems.

Collecting gems in a manual way require you to win each level and upgrade a mode. Buying gems is an expensive affair. You will have shed more bucks to buy those and can utilize them for little purposes. But if you know how to get free gems in Brawl Star, then collecting the gems would be a cake walk.

1. Install A Private Server.

Playing Brawl Stars in private servers has got many perks. You get to gain access to infinite gems, trophies, brawlers and so on. The procedure to install a private server to play Brawl Stars is as follows.

Install a VPN

You need a VPN connection to install a private server. Create a VPN account in your device before installing the private server.

• Installation For iOS device.
1. In case, you are playing an old version, remove them from your device.
2. Search for the IPA link of Brawl Stars. You need to verify whether it is an updated version.
3. Download the appropriate server link and install it in your iOS device.
4. You need to install a private server app in your device.
5. To install the private server app, you need to connect your device to your PC.
6. Next, Open iTunes app on your PC and select your phone model.
7. Check for the app tab on your PC and locate the IPA file of the private server and mark on it.
8. Press the ‘SYNC’ tab on the screen to sync the server on your phone.
9. You can disconnect your phone and can find a private server installed on your phone.
10. Connect the server with the VPN and start playing.

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• Android Device.
The procedure is almost the same as iOS devices. You need to follow these steps on the Android phone.
1. Remove the old version as iOS procedure.
2. Search the private server APK of Brawler Stars and download the link in your android device.
3. Go to settings, applications and give permission to install a third party app on your android device.
4. Connect your private server to your VPN account and enjoy playing.

2. Online Surveys.

Answer a few questions in an online survey and win credit or reward points. You can redeem those reward points for collecting gems. There are many websites that take online surveys. You will need to verify whether they are legitimate.

3. Look For New Spawned Gems.

While playing the game, you will notice a glow while the gem is being spawned. If you press it soon as you notice, rush and collect new gem each time.

4. Free Online Gem Generators.

There are many websites that offer gems for free. You have to verify them and start collecting your gems right away! You need to follow these procedures to collect your gems.
1. Once you enter their site, enter your user name of Brawl Stars.
2. Select your gaming platform, whether iOS or Android.
3. Select your gems between 30 to 2000 and click Generate.
4. You will be asked to install an app for verification. Use the app for 30 seconds, and you can see gems updated on your game.

Hope you understood how to get free gems in Brawl Star now. You can collect gems anytime and enjoy gaming!

Brawl Stars How to Get Free Gems (Video)


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