Counter Shot Cheats: Top 6 Tips and Tricks

Counter Shot is a first person shooter action game developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The strategy-based combat adventure takes you to the year- 2033 when the world’s superpowers are under intense tension and war, and requires you to bring peace and security to the war-torn world.

You are supposed to assemble soldiers, train, lead and command them in the battles in an effort to stop the conflicts. Your opponents are rebels and terrorists, and therefore you should find powerful weaponry that can destroy these enemies. You can enjoy all this action on your Android or iOS device, so the game is a mobile one but it can as well be installed on a PC.

If you have tried to play the game, you can agree with me that it is not an easy one. You definitely need a game guide and some tips, tricks and walkthroughs to play it successfully. Here are 6 tips and tricks to help you get better at Counter Shot.


1. Strive To Get The Most Powerful Machine Guns

Some guns are available for free while others are unlocked by the game’s premium currency or rewards. You should strive to get the premium guns if you want to win many battles. This means that you have to make achievements, level up quickly, win many smaller battles and do other things that can get you currency and rewards.

Get the premium Cannons which provide horrible firepower and the best point defense. Also, get the Gun Turret which is quite effective in a longer defense range and can perform both ground and air attacks. In addition, strive to get the Missile Turret which causes mass destruction and takes down your opponents more efficiently.


2. Combine Guns With Other Types Of Weapons

Counter Shot also provides you with non-gun weapons to help you intensify your attacks. There are deadly assassin sniper weapons that you can acquire and use to clear a lot of enemies at once. Strive to buy this fighting equipment if you want to always emerge a winner in the battlefield.

Get the Heavy Mortar to help you sweep down opponents in a certain area or the Air Bomb to help you cause devastating damage to multiple enemy units. You can also use Landmines to cause enormous damage to your foes and their property.

One important thing when it comes to the fighting equipment is that you should know when to use your weapons. It is advisable to use your weapons when necessary as they wear out with use, so use them accordingly and you will always have stronger equipment when playing in tougher levels.

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3. Employ The Available Defense Mechanisms

In Counter Shot, you should ensure that your defense is as strong as your offense. So use the available defense mechanisms to create a strong defense that can resist attacks. Your weapons and fighters will be safe when your bases and operating locations are strong and security tight.

Use a strong Wall to protect your bases and the Laser Tower to flash destruction to areas occupied by your opponents. You can also use a Thunderbolt to increase fighting energy in bases and also in the battlefields.


4. Upgrade Your Weapons

As you continue to play and move from one level to another, the battle will become more challenging, requiring you to upgrade your fighting equipment or get new one. If you don’t have enough currency or other valuables to buy weapons, you need to upgrade them with the acquired valuables. As mentioned above, you can earn currency, bonuses and other valuables by making achievements and performing other tasks.


5. Be Careful With Attacks From Your Opponent

There is a lot to be careful with in Counter Shot, but there are specific things that you should always watch out. Some of them are Bombs and Landmines which can be hidden under earth and can cause serious arm and damage when stepped on. There are also thorns which may seem minor, but can reduce your ability tremendously.


6. Compete Against Real Players Across The World

Counter Shot allows you to interact with other players online and choose some to compete with. When you compete with friends and defeat them, you get amazing awards that you can use to upgrade weapons and other components of the game. The real time strategy game presents you with blistering action sequences and spectacular graphics, so all competitions are both breathtaking and thrilling.


About Counter Shot

Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.

Platforms: Android

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