Dawn of Steel Cheats: 8 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Another real-time strategy game has been launched. Dawn of Steel is the new video game tipped to dominate the world of robot-fighting games. Almost all game enthusiasts love to control robots to fight their opponents.

This iOS game is more than robots fighting other robots. You control powerful, mechanized walkers called rigs or mechs to raid your enemy bases in order to dominate a resourceful planet called Leviathan.

It is a tactical game. You definitely need a game guide or hints of some sort to enjoy more and win the battle. Here are tips, tricks and strategies to help you improve on playing Dawn of Steel.


1. Consider Line of Sight in your Strategy.

Some of your enemy’s robots can shoot you over buildings and walls. Put your rocket-equipped mechs behind the structures to kill robots that appear to shoot over the structures. After killing these robots, you can easily move into the structures and raid the entire base.

But you can still make things easier in the initial stages of the game. When constructing your structures, ensure you leave unobstructed views for the turrets. This will help you shoot most of the opponents directly from your base and bombard their bases with ease.


Dawn of Steel strategy


2. Keep Upgrading Your Mechs.

Upgrade your mechanized walkers regularly and you will get new abilities and weapons. This is a great way to improve the power and effectiveness of the rigs. You will surely remain deadly if you keep upgrading your mechs.

Loot weapons when raiding your enemy bases to have a good number of them in store. Ensure your mechs can use any looted weapons by upgrading them.

With upgraded rigs and intuitive weapons, you can conquer new bases and take a full control of the planet. Become a Dawn of Steel pro player by knowing how to upgrade rigs and acquire sophisticated weaponry.


3. Do not Forget to Repair Your Mechs.

Before closing out of the game, repair your rigs of any damage. This will make them battle-worthy in the next session. Check for any scratches and dents on the mechs and correct them accordingly.

Tip: Make use of green orbs that fall out of attacked buildings. They provide quick healing to the injured mechs. So let your injured robots take these healing particles for a quicker recovery.

Fine-tune your attacks by keeping your rigs in good shape and form. In the course of the fight, replace your seriously injured mechs with fresh ones from the base.


Dawn of Steel mech


4. Learn from Your Opponent’s Strengths and Weaknesses.

At some point, you may take on opponents that are stronger than you. Identify what is making your enemy more competitive and incorporate it in your plan.

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Also, as you fight your enemies and win battles, see where they are messing up. You should vow not to make mistakes made by your opponents if you want to keep winning battles.


5. Use Rockets for Air Attacks.

Your enemy can attack you with drones. Use your rocket-equipped mechs to bring them down. The annoying drones can disrupt your plan, but the good thing is that you can assign part of your rigs to deal with them.


Dawn of Steel rocket


6. Consider Upgrading Your Resources.

In the early stages of the game, you need to be thorough in upgrading your resources. You will have to pay more attention to the resources than defenses. The resource-producing structures are the ones which need thorough upgrade.

Invest enough in upgrading your buildings before you start making serious assaults. You will be able to upgrade other resources with ease if you upgrade the buildings first.


7. Use Double-Tapping Trick to Engage More Mechs at Once.

There is nothing important like performing actions efficiently and saving time in Dawn of Steel. If you want to select similar mechs to perform one action, just double-tap one of them and all will be in action. This is very helpful if you grouped your mechs.

The game has four groups of rigs with unique abilities. You can also create subgroups from the main groups and make of use the double-tapping trick.


Dawn of Steel 2


8. Cancel any Ability You don’t Want to Use.

If you happen to select a wrong action, you can undo it with no harm. Tap on the ability to cancel the action and select the right one.

Tip: Avoid selecting wrong actions because your enemy can take this opportunity to finish you.



Dawn of Steel Trailer


Dawn of Steel - Official Launch Trailer


About Dawn of Steel

Developer: flaregames

Platforms: iOS | Android (coming soon)

Official WebSite


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