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You have been seeking for a game in which you get to build a nation that evolves through time, literally? Then this search must have ended in one of the two ways: Either you have given up on your search, deeming it impossible for any game like that to have been developed for the Android or iOS, or you have found DomiNations and was thrilled at what this fantastic game had to offer. And it was everything that you had been looking for.

For those of you who haven’t searched for the game high and low and haven’t really gotten into the whole concept of the game, it’s about a tribe. No, it actually is about so much more than that. You are the tribe leader and you get to build your civilization, starting in a forest clearing with a few huts and ending up with an entire town. In some aspects DomiNations is even better than Clash of Clans according to this Forbes article.

The main goal of the game is to go from the Stone Age to the modern era, destroying other tribes and allying with others along the way. In this amazing mobile game you get to evolve your civilization through time, going from a basic style to one of the seven distinctive ones: the Chinese, the British, the French, the Germans, the Greeks, the Japanese and the Romans. Not only do the buildings of each civilization possess a unique aspect but they also provide civilization-specific bonuses.

But we have to admit the game can get challenging at times, especially if you don’t play your cards well and don’t use any cheats, so let us help you with our five tips.


1) Explore

We mentioned before that when you start out you have a small empty spot in a big forest and that is all, so what you have to do is explore as much as you can.

Not only do you find animals, which you can hunt, but you also discover chests, mines and old ruins that give you crowns. You get a lot of free space as well, which you will need when you unlock more buildings to create, by going through the eras, or when you need more workers, which come with the houses.

DomiNations explore


2) Harvest What You Can, Whenever You Can

The header says it all.

Whenever you get into the game, remember to hunt down animals and start mining your mines, if they are available, because they consist of a pretty decent pool of resources.

And, as an amazing bonus, they can also drop rare items such as Metal, Fur or Leather; which power your Temple and your Mercenary Camp.

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DomiNations harvest


3) Your Workers Should be Always Active

We advise you to keep your workers active at any given point in the game. You wouldn’t want to waste the workforce that you get in real life so why waste it in a video game?

Always have them do something, no matter if it’s hunting, building, collecting items or upgrading. If you don’t do this you will lose a little bit of your workforce and your civilization will evolve slower.

Even if you don’t know what you need, just tell that worker to do something that is currently available. I bet nothing bad can come out of it.

DomiNations workers


4) Upgrade your Base as Soon as Possible

The next logical step after all that we mentioned is this, upgrading your civilization by building all the possible structures and upgrading them whenever you can. This is a very good way to get everything in order, especially in the beginning, given that you can’t succeed in attacking other civilizations right off the bat.

After you upgrade everything it is suggested that you move things around a bit in a tactical manner with the next point in mind.


5) Defense, Defense, Defense.

Now, it’s obvious that you won’t be able to have every single structure protected by defensive buildings and walls, but you definitely can get a higher chance of defending your base against attackers if you organize your civilization in the tactical manner mentioned before.

Your Town Center should be protected by defensive buildings, surrounded by walls so that they last longer. Also, a good technique is to use your resource buildings as bait, having the enemy focus on destroying them while your defensive buildings defeat their troops.

DomiNations defence



Beginners Strategy Guide to DomiNations: Hunting, Town, Barracks, Upgrades, Soldiers and more!

DomiNations Android/iOS Game Beginner Guide and Tips: Hunting, Town, Barracks, Soldier, Upgrades!

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So that’s all that we can tell you about surviving in DomiNations! Good luck and prosper!

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