Fallout Shelter Cheats: Top 5 Tips (plus Video Guides)

For anyone who is just joining the Fallout: Shelter party, it can be a little scary looking at the sheer number of things you can do in the game.

Have no fear! We’ve been playing the game for quite a while, and we’ve got some Fallout Shelter cheats, hints, tips and tricks to help you survive:


1. Preparation is Half the Battle

When those raiders and deathclaws come knocking at your vault’s door, you want to be ready!

Give two of your very best weapons to dwellers closest to the vault door and move them to the entrance as soon as notice you’ve got visitors. You can also just set two dwellers on guard duty, but they won’t be doing anything else with their time – not the best plan.


Fallout Shelter raiders


2. Roam the Wasteland

Sending your vault dwellers out to explore the wasteland is one of the more productive things you can do in Fallout Shelter.

The longer they are out there, the bigger chance they have of finding caps, weapons, outfits and even lunchboxes! You should rotate your dwellers so there’s always at least one of them in the wasteland at any given time.

Also, try to make your brave explorers survive for as long as possible by equipping them with the best gear you have, as well as some RadAways and Stimpaks. As soon as you notice they’re out of healing supplies, bring them back. Luckily, nobody can attack them on the way home.


Fallout Shelter wasteland


3. Build Your Base Efficiently

Every two or three connected rooms of the same type give you bonuses, so make sure you build them next to each other whenever possible. Also, your power plants should be spread out evenly throughout your base – the farther a room is from a power plant, the more power it needs to run.

At the very beginning of the game, consider extending your elevator down instead of building it left or right. It may cost a little more, but the symmetry this gives to your base very much makes up for it.


Fallout Shelter base layout


4. Keep Track of SPECIAL Stats

Pay close attention to your dwellers’ SPECIAL stats, as they influence everything they do. Once you’ve built a training room, the best strategy for upgrading your dwellers is to boost their best stat even further. Outfits also help, so make sure you keep dressing up your citizens whenever you’ve got a spare one.

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As far as specific stats go, Luck is probably the most important. It gives your dwellers better odds of successfully rushing a room or finding loot while exploring the wasteland. If one of your dwellers with high luck happens to bite the bullet, strongly consider reviving him.


Fallout Shelter special stats


5. Guns For Everyone

Don’t sell your weapons for extra caps until you’ve armed every single citizen you have! Most of those weapons will be of a shoddy quality, but having your dwellers armed to the teeth is the best defense against raider attacks. Well, you can probably get away with not arming pregnant women, as they will always flee to a safe place whenever trouble starts.


Fallout Shelter guns


On a related note, make sure to check up on your dwellers after a radroach infestation. If any of them are irradiated, apply RadAways to them straight away or you’ll soon have a contaminated environment.



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