Fortnite Mobile: 6 Easy Tips and Cheats on How to Win Every Game

Fortnite Mobile by Epic Games may seem like child’s play, with its cute animations and awesome graphics. After making a few attempts, I realized that the game requires more than just speed. What I needed was a good battle strategy so that I could win every action and maneuver.
So here are a few Fortnite Mobile Cheats, Tips, Tricks Guide on how to win the battle royale:


The map of Fortnite Mobile is vast, with many hidden treasures like lootboxes that will be useful in battle. Keep those places in mind while playing so that you can maneuver towards those areas and pick up some really good weapons and annihilate the enemy.

Also, you have to watch that none of your foes is moving towards these treasure spots. You have to stop them in time so that their team is not better equipped than your team. Here’s a sneak trick – the best location on the map for amazing loot is the forest in the North East.


No one can go into battle alone even if you have a lot of ammunition. To develop and sustain a winning streak, you will need patience till you have your own squad of powerful members.

Armed with their own weapons and tricks, they will add weight to your existing stockpile. Even if all of them are not equally good at the game, it is better than being outnumbered by the enemies on the battlefield.


When your playfield is slowly reducing in size it obviously means that the fog is advancing much faster than you can cope. Here are some useful cheat and tricks to prevent such situations:

  • Keep a sharp watch on the size of the safe zone
  • Ensure that the timer doesn’t run out
  • Keep your distance from the buildings and remain in an open area till allies can help you.

If these tricks doesn’t work you need a more aggressive plan.


Suppose you are stuck in a shrinking blue zone of the Fortnite Mobile Battle Royale, are you sure your team members will succeed in helping you out? What you need is a walkthrough with your allies on how to deal with a given situation. In short, you need to anticipate certain problems and keep a plan B ready.

You and your allies must decide on where to land so that each one of you gets the best resources. The colored pins will show their positions. This is very crucial in battle, especially when you need to regroup and attack from a different perspective.

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There is an awesome collection of weapons in the loot spots on the map. Of these, what you and your allies must always have in hand are:

  • Long range rifle
  • Sniper rifle for sneak shots
  • Shield for protection
  • Shotgun for close range combat
  • An assortment of explosives

Of these, the item that will give you an edge over your enemy is the shotgun. Keeping a fully loaded shotgun at all times will definitely lead your team to victory. The rifles must also be loaded at all times as they are useful in emergencies.


Fortnite Mobile has a very interesting and creative tool as well, the crafting tool. The players can build defenses like watch-towers and walls during battle. Now here’s a cheat trick – the watch-tower may help you to keep an eye on your enemies but it also exposes you to sniper fire.

Don’t waste time on complicated crafting. By my experience, the best form of crafted defense is the wall. It will protect your team when you desperately need cover against aggressive maneuvers from the enemy. This will buy you time to re-plan your own tactics so that you are assured of a victory.


The Fortnite Mobile Game can be downloaded from App Store and works equally well on iPhone SE, X, 8, 8Plus, 7, 7Plus. The game doesn’t work to its full potential on iPhone 6 or older models. It is also compatible with iPad Air 2, Mini, Pro or 2017 devices. Epic Games has yet to launch the Android version and fans of the game are hoping it will come soon.

I hope these Fortnite Mobile tips and tricks will help you to win just as they helped me. Happy gaming…


Fortnite Mobile Battle Royale Cheats/Tips Guide – How to win every time!

How to win every time : FORTNITE MOBILE Battle Royale - EASY - Fortnite Mobile Tips / Guide - 2018


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