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Though it’s easy to get distracted with other aspects of Game of War: Fire Age, crafting is a very important skill to master in the game. Here is a guide with tips to help you with that!

All the materials and gems you purchase with gold or obtain from attacking monsters and other players, or from quests, are used in the Forge. It has four menus: Craft, Combine, Inventory, and Gems/Materials. For now, we’ll be focusing on the first two of these, namely Craft and Combine.



Crafting materials are of various qualities, as listed below:

  • Gray (level 1) [1 gray]
  • White (level 2) [4 grays]
  • Green (level 3) [16 grays]
  • Blue (level 4) [64 grays]
  • Purple (level 5) [256 grays]
  • Orange (level 6)

Initially, you’ll encounter mostly gray materials. You can combine four identical gray (level 1) items (such as a level 1 metal) to make a white (level 2) metal. Same deal for items of even higher levels – the higher the level, the more gray levels you’ll need to obtain it.

Since it takes quite a long time to craft purple metals, it’s a good idea to save all your materials until your Hero is level 50.

You can still make a few gray items in order to boost things like construction speed, research speed, food/silver output, but don’t spend your /blue materials making green/blue items that won’t be really valuable later on.

In addition to combining materials, you can also combine gems. The idea is very similar here as well: you can use four level 1 gems to make a level 2 gem etc.

Also keep in mind that materials have their very own properties which they pass on to the items made with them:

Material Bonus
Glass Research Speed
Parchment Construction Speed
Feather Food Production
Jewelry Silver Production
Leather Troop Load
Hide Troop Defense Bonus
Cloth Troop Health Bonus
String Ranged Attack
Marble Seige Attack
Plating Infantry Attack
Timber Trap Attack
Metal Cavalry Attack

Game of War Fire Age materials



In the craft section you’ll see all the materials you have. This page can be useful if you want to utilize all the materials of a given color, offering a 100% chance of success.

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From the recipe page, it will use your highest level materials automatically – though this might not be the best choice of action and could result in you wasting some of your more valuable materials. By clicking on the “Recipes” button you can see what you can make, which is either “Equipment” or “Ancient Relics.” The latter require very rare materials, so you’ll mostly be making Equipment.

There are six types of items to choose from:

  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armors
  • Accessories
  • Foot Armor
  • Special Event Gear

At the very beginning, you probably won’t be able make any Special Event Gear, however you’ll mostly want to focus on Accessories, which can boost building production and resource gathering. Other kinds of items are useful in combat.

Before crafting an item, you’ll see various percentages for each color of quality. This is the chance you will actually make that item quality, so don’t gamble with your materials, instead craft items that have a 100% chance of success for the color you want (purple should be best).


Game of War: Fire Age Android/iOS Game – Core Crafting


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