Golf Clash Cheats & Tips – Free Gems & Coins

If you’re a huge golf fan and are excited about playing Golf Clash you may be interested in earning free gems and coins and leveling up quickly. If so simply continue reading to discover a guide that offers plenty of valuable Golf Clash cheats, especially if you ever dreamed of playing in the PGA!

Golf Clash Tips and Tricks for Free Gems and Coins:

1. Focus your energy on successfully completing achievements.

The key reason why you should spend the bulk of your time trying to complete as many achievements as possible is that the prize for completing achievements is free gems. Keep in mind that gems are rarer and more valuable than coins so it’s a smart idea to focus on accumulating gems.

2. Open up chests to win free gems and coins as well as new gear.

One of the simplest ways to earn free gems and coins is to work on opening up loot chests. If you plan on playing Golf Clash several times a day you may want to opt for chests which will unlock in a short amount of time while if you only log onto Golf Clash once or twice a day you’ll get more value out of choosing to unlock chests which unlock after longer periods of time.

As a bonus each time that you open a chest you may be rewarded with powerful pieces of equipment such a new golf club which will increase some of your player stats.

3. Start collecting trophies in order to win more chests.

One of the fastest ways to win chests is to collect trophies from each available tournament. However, keep in mind that is the maximum number of trophies that you can win from each tournament. Once you collect all of the possible trophies from one tournament move on to collecting trophies from a brand new tournament.

4. Only sign up for tournaments that you can actually win.

As there is a registration fee for each tournament you should not waste your money on entering tournaments which you don’t have a realistic chance of winning. Instead carefully handpick tours which you believe you will win in order to take home a cash jackpot.

5. Consider watching ads in order to earn bonus coins.

Another way to earn free coins is to watch ads on a frequent basis in order to collect as many free coins as possible. If you can’t stand watching ads it’s a great idea to click on available ads when you’re watching a movie or a TV series and don’t need to pay too much attention to your game.

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Other Golf Clash Cheats and Tips:

1. Don’t be attempted to upgrade all of your clubs.

You’ll end up spending through all of your available cash if you try to upgrade all of your clubs which will prevent you from having enough money to enter tournaments. Instead, research the advantages and disadvantages of each of your clubs and select a few clubs to work on upgrading.

2. Keep cool and collected when you have to play nail-biting play-off holes.

As you won’t have a chance to practice randomly selected play-off holes ensure to keep cool and collected so that you won’t make an avoidable mistake.

3. Keep an eye out for special seasonal tournaments.

Sign up for any seasonal tournament which you can as seasonal tournaments offer far better prizes than a regular tournament.

Golf Clash tips, Top 5 SECRET tips on how to be the best player in Golf Clash

4. Learn how to use splice and spin to your advantage.

If you end up having trouble hitting the perfect shot you may want to experiment with using splice and spin to your advantage. As sometimes using splice or spin can help you pull off the perfect shot without getting frustrated.

5. Always take note of the wind.

As the wind can affect the direction and length of your shots get into the habit of taking wind speed and direction into account. If you don’t want to end up over hitting a shot with a tailwind or hitting your ball into the rough.

So if you’re ready to start collecting international golf trophies to add to your trophy cabinet it’s definitely well worth using all of the tips and tricks which are listed above to win as many tournaments as possible.

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