Granny Tips, Tricks and Glitches

Got a bet to win at high school? Or do you just want to show off there is literally no one better than you are at gaming? Or are you one of those people who take their games more seriously than the cream cheese on their bagel?

Well, for becoming a part of the top ruling players, you might want to have a tutorial about the game that you are investing so much of your time in. Tips and a guide regarding the game that you are playing can be very helpful, in terms of improved gaming experience or merely for discovering what else there is to the game.

Gaming and the Strong Focus

To become a better gamer, try having a better focus. Now you do want to kill the horrid granny using the right granny cheat and tricks. Right?

Losing your immunity and lifelines just because your focus was not on the right killing technique can cost you your entire level, and well, your reputation is at stake as well especially when your friends are right there for their turn. One of the best strategies to have is your focus on the right thing at the right time.

Scoring More in Less Time

To win at Granny, the horrific game, the main objective is to understand what you really need to do to win the game.

The core basis of the game is to escape the weird granny who is crazy thirsty for your blood and will do anything to stop you from proceeding in the game further. To unlock all the doors and get beyond the security alarm, you will need some gaming tips and tricks to become technical in your game plan.

Obviously, to excel and defeat the Granny, you need some items to help you unlock doors and rooms to get across and move forward. But it is not a plain sail and we do not expect it to be.


Here are some of the detailed granny tips tricks for you to use.

Tips and Tricks for Survival


One of the few guidelines you can get is starting from the very basic area of this game, which is the basement room. This room accounts way for all the other rooms that you can use to escape the scary granny’s wrath. Facing the basement room are all the other rooms, for instance, the Foyer or living as well as dining rooms, and the kitchen.

All these rooms have hiding places in them that you can use to not get noticed by the evil granny. You will find the way to the main door, which is really just the walkthrough you need to escape. Moreover, living and dining rooms, both have drawer spaces, those when opened help you in the provision of tools like screw-diver, weapon key or gloves.


Then comes the next stop, which is the kitchen. The kitchen is definitely not where you can sit down and enjoy ice-cream on waffles. You have to make your way quickly through this place or you are very likely to get crucified. Counters inside the kitchen can be places you can assisting tools for yourself, and not forget the final door that can be used to get to the hall. When you find the staircases, what you can really do is use one of the cabinets as a hiding space from the granny or find your next handy item that can save from the monstrous creature.

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One of the most important granny cheats tips tricks is the shotgun facility. All you need to do is collect all the items and then build the shotgun in the garage. You can use the shotgun to shoot the granny from afar.

More Tips

In addition to all the granny cheats tips tricks mentioned above, here is how you can utilize each available item on your screen; hide under the bed from the granny, you can use different wardrobes as additional hiding assets, or you can find how many days are left carved on the table. Boxes and pillows are what can be used to access various hidden places and assets needed to either defeat the granny or escape from inside her house.

Items such as gold key, alarm codes, playhouse key, melon, shotgun, cogwheel, cutting pliers, winch handle and more are the definite as well as must-haves to make your way out of the disastrous place.

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To make sure there are fewer distractions that could possibly alarm your enemy granny, be sure to disable everything that could possibly make a noise because noise is what makes the granny come looking for you. Therefore if you see a jail cell fan, make it stop by cutting its wires with the help of a wire cutter. You can find one in one of the boxes or drawers in any of the rooms inside the house.

Don’t be surprised at all, just hurry up and go beat the granny before she eats you up alive!


5 Granny Secret Glitches

TOP 5 Secret Glitches In Granny


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