Hay Day Cheats: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

1. Get Those Diamonds!

Even though Coins are used as in-game currency, Diamonds are the form of currency Hay Day players value the most. You can pay for Diamonds with real-world money, but you can also get them in other ways.

For example, you get one Diamond for following Hay Day on Facebook, while logging in to Facebook using Hay Day gets you 5 Diamonds.

Mystery boxes, achievements, and competitions organized by Supercell on their Facebook page will also get you this precious resource.

Finally, once you reach Level 24, you can also mine for Diamonds.


hay day diamonds


2. Get Extra Coins by Selling Goodies

When you can, purchase construction equipment like dynamite in bulk. Then, sell each of these items you’ve just purchased for 180 to 220 coins. This is a quick way to get some extra coins whenever you need them.

Also, advertise the last item you’re selling. When people visit your in-game store, the ad will make all of the items you’re selling public.


hay day coins


3. Always Keep an Eye on Your Animals and Crops

You’ll want to keep the balance between Animals and Crops on your farm. Animals need to be fed, but you’ll also have to use some of that feed to make items for the market.

Once you’ve made an Animal Pen, you have to tap on the till icon and then drop the Animal you want into its housing area. Don’t forget to feed it, too!


4. Use Diamonds to Speed up Production

As you progress through the game, you’ll find that things start to move a bit slowly. If you want to speed things up and advance quicker, you can always use your Diamonds!


5. Look Around for Building Materials

Storage spaces can be upgraded to Barns and Silos using Building Materials. You can find those Building Materials when you’re on the field with your Animals, as well as in the Mystery Boxes which keeping popping up in the game.


Hay Day Building Materials


6. Look for Freebies

Buy wheat until your silo is full, plant half of it and then turn your device upright and shake it while cutting down wheat. It’s an easy way to get some items for free.


7. Do Away with Mature Crops

Once your crops have matured, you won’t get any more benefits from the patches they’re planted on, so it’s best to just do away with them. Tap on the field and use your sickle to do that, then drop some new crops to start the process all over again.

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8. Crops Which Grow Slower Are Very Valuable!

You might notice that crops like Tomatoes tend to grow a lot slower. Your patience will be well rewarded, however, because the longer something takes to grow, the more valuable it is!


Hay Day slow crops


9. Be Careful Where You Make Space

Use shovels, axes, saws, dynamite and TNT to remove obstacles like trees, stones, or pools, or wait until you get the small boy to buy those items for you. Keep in mind that space on your grassland isn’t as important as space in your Barn or Silo.

For these you have to collect items which occasionally appear while harvesting; if you sell these items, always sell them for the highest price you can get for them.


10. What’s With All the Cats and Dogs?

Players can get Cats and Dogs using vouchers, which they obtain from completing Boat and Truck orders, harvesting Crops, or from Treasure Boxes.

You must first get a Cat or Dog House, and then regularly feed your new pets, with milk for Cats and bacon for Dogs.

Every time you do this, you get 30 xp. In addition to the experience points, the Cats and Dogs serve a mainly decorative purpose, so you decide if the investment is worth it or not.

hay day animals Cats and Dogs


Hay Day Android/iOS Cheats n Tips – How to make Money/Coins

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