Knives Out Cheats: 6 Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Knives Out is a third person shooter game where a player wins by defeating other players using different techniques and gears available in the map within a given time. The game is a lot like PUBG and the winner is decided completely according to the rule of survival of the fastest, fittest and sneakiest. Let’s discuss the different tips, cheats and strategies that will help you to survive in this game.

1. Know the Style of Your Gameplay

Winning the game is not about being a hero and rushing in. It’s about taking things a bit slow and surviving. In each session, the game puts up you up against 99 opponents. The first choice which you will have is where to land your parachute. If you land in a city, lots of loot will be available, but other players will also be there. It’s a wiser option to land in a quiet spot and then searching the buildings after everyone passes through them. However, in that case, good stuffs will become rarer.

2. Pattern of Movement

Not only running, crawling and crouching are much useful in the game. Remember, a quiet and slow target is difficult to spot rather than one who is sprinting and making lots of noise. You can even choose to go prone. If you are in a grassland, going prone will hide you completely. But, if you are already spotted by an enemy, going prone will reduce your mobility and make you a sitting duck.

Often, you may spot an abandoned vehicle. Using it will give you the advantage of traveling to places faster. But since cars are noisy, it will attract lots of attention and being easier to spot, you can easily expect an enemy bullet from the window.

3. Always Use Headphones

Although using headphones in a mobile game is unusual, but if you use them in this game, it will be helpful, just like Counter Strike. Headphones will help you to hear enemies approaching and detect the direction of enemy mobility and shooting. Always remember, the best approach is one with stealth. But it is best only when you hear the others. However, if you are communicating with others while playing, headphones will not be much useful. But when you are playing individually, it’s a good option to consider.

When you are playing as a part of a squad, using headphones will help you to coordinate with your teammates as well. Proper communication will help you in taking quick decisions like surrounding a location full of enemies or sneaking up on someone.

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4. Always Consult the Minimap

Knives Out provides you a minimap to give you an idea about what is going on in the game. Green lines show you the fastest route that leads to a safe zone while red marks indicate the direction from where someone is shooting you. Keep on observing the minimap for this kind of information. It also provides you the location of nearby buildings.

5. The art of Looting

There are various uses of loots in the game. Fair amount of ammo is available among loot items, but these are not that much useful without the proper weapon. A wiser choice is to focus on choosing a particular weapon that suits your gameplay style and storing ammo for that specific weapon. Apart from ammo, collect body armor and backpacks. While backpack provides you with more space for storage, body armor prevents you from decreasing lifeline caused by enemy attacks. Helmets are also a preferred loot since they reduce the damage taken from headshots.


6. Choosing the Best Weapon

Spray and pray weapons are the best ones in this game. Aiming can prove to be a tricky job on the battlefield, hence assault rifles can really prove to be helpful. If you feel like being the sneakiest one and never letting your enemies know where that bullet came from, choose a sniper rifle. However, if you choose a sniper rifle, you must definitely avoid rushing in a battle since they are a bad option in closed encounters. A huge overpowered aid is a grenade. But they are a lot tougher to find. If your luck favors and you find one, save it for a trickier situation.

These are the basic tips and strategies that will help you to win Knives Out. Instead of directly following the guide, you will get a better chance of winning by adapting according to the environment.



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