Little Singham Guide: Top 4 Tips and Cheats

Little Singham No 1 Runner is an endless runner game that features a brave policeman who has the mission of catching Shambala that escaped from the prison and tries to flee the city. To not let her do it, Little Singham has to prove a fast and agile runner that slaloms between obstacles with great skill. The longer the run, the more obstacles appear on the way and the harder to avoid them.

If you want to know how to deal with them easier and extend the chasing time, you can check out our list of Little Singham Guide for best cheats, tips, and strategies that will help you raise your chance of catching the felon and bring peace in the city.

Little Singham Cheats & Tips:

1. Look straight ahead.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is looking at the character when running. While this can make you feel a bit more secure, you increase your chance of bumping into an obstacle, because you don’t see what happens ahead and there is little time for you to react when a car or a fence is heading for you.

This is why, the best strategy when running is to look far ahead which will help you notice the obstacles early and prepare your plan for avoiding them, deciding which lane to go and whether to jump or slide. Of course, many beginners would find it hard to control the character without looking at him, but it will only take some runs to master the skill.

If you are afraid to lose sight of the character completely, we recommend you to take it slow and deviate your attention from Little Singham steadily, going up the device screen inch by inch until you find yourself looking far ahead.

2. Spend most of the time in the middle lane.

Another valuable tip for you that will help you engage in long-lasting runs is to try always go back on the middle lane. At the beginning of the run, all three lanes are basically clear, but later on, they become heavily stuffed with obstacles and only one at a time remains passable.

Sometimes it can happen that the only clear lane is the left one and then it switches suddenly to the right one. In this case, you will have to react and maneuver extremely fast, and though the controls of the game are sensitive enough, switching between lanes can be a challenging task as you progress through the race.

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This is why, if you want to avoid risky lane shifts, a good game strategy is to try to always keep running on the middle lane. If you do so, you will have equally easy access to both left and right lanes which will help you switch fast on one of them if it happens to be the only passable lane.

3. Don’t waste your keys.

Keys help you revive the little policeman when it gets hit by an obstacle. Some players use to waste the available keys in no time, by applying them during a single run. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to collect life-saving keys, thus using them recklessly in low-score runs is not a good idea at all.

You will be better off using the keys only when appropriate. Avoid reviving the character during short runs, rather accept the loss, and preserve the keys for long-lasting runs where there is a lot at stake and a key might make a difference.

4. Upgrade your powerups.

Before setting out your chase, you should know that there is a bunch of useful powerups that help you boost your performance. These include the coin magnet that allows you to collect all coins around you without having to switch the lanes, then comes the body armor that makes you invincible in front of any obstacle. You can also activate the super sneakers that boost your speed, as well as the coin multiplier that doubles the number of coins on the road.

While these special features help you a lot in becoming a better runner, upgrading them regularly is crucial as you progress through the game. The longer the run, the more obstacles and coins appear on the way and the limited activation time of the powerups becomes not enough to allow you to benefit from them properly.

This is why you should upgrade your powerups as often as possible. Thus you will increase their duration and get a better chance to catch the escapee.


Little Singham
Little Singham
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