Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats – Top 6 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

ELEX Wireless is keen to keep us enjoying the best RPGs. The game developer started with Age of Warring Empire and Clash of Kings, and now it’s Magic Rush: Heroes. The new RPG comes with some tower defense mechanics and a whole lot of world-first revolutionary modes.

In a nutshell, Magic Rush: Heroes is a breathtaking mobile game with a lot of action. You need to bring together your league of heroes and send them off to battles. Making use of the game’s features and your strategies, you will be able to lead your fighters to victory.

Like most RPGs, Magic Rush: Heroes has a lot of technicalities which make it a bit complicated. But the good thing is that when you grasp the gameplay properly, you will be exposed to a fun-filled world of gaming.

If you are a newbie to this game, you will definitely need a guide or walkthroughs to help you with gameplay. Those who have already understood the gameplay will need some tips, cheats, strategies and tricks to get better at the game.

Understand how to play Magic Rush: Heroes with the help of this game guide. Become a pro by getting some new tricks from this comprehensive guide. Here are 6 tips, tricks and strategies to help take your gaming experience to another level.


Magic Rush Heroes kingdom


1. Strengthen Your Heroes With Runes.

You heroes will automatically level up, but this is not enough to keep them strong. You need to equip them with runes, which are basically artifacts. When equipped with runes, the heroes upgrade, getting new skills needed in the combat mission.

Once there are no more runes, select “Advance” to promote your heroes. You will realize that the runes values drop to zero, but your heroes improve on stats.

Tip: Keep looking for runes throughout the game. Get help from the equipment screen. Tap on this screen and you will be shown where to find the runes.


2. Revisit The Levels With Low Scores.

These are the levels with 3 stars and below. Replay these levels and you will be able to earn extra experience points and runes. You can also get elixir by doing so.

You will lose stamina (the game’s power system) when revisiting the lowly-rated levels, but you will get earnings which will help you with leveling up. Go to the hero rune screen to find levels with low scores.

Important strategy: Sweep multiple levels in order to earn a variety of runes.


Magic Rush Heroes levels


3. Connect The Game To Your Facebook Account.

Magic Rush: Heroes is one of the games that come with a lot of rewards for social gurus. Connect the game to Facebook and you will earn incredible rewards. Your friends can easily send you stamina, and when you recruit new players you get amazing rewards.

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Tip: Consider recruiting friends who love mobile RPGs.


4. Pay Attention To Special Tasks In Each Level.

The Tower Defense and Combat levels require you to execute some special tasks in order to outweigh your enemies. Position your tank well in the Tower Defense levels. This will protect your heroes adequately, allowing them to do a lot of damage on the opponent side.

Bring a balanced team for the combat levels. You will have 5 different roles in these levels, so bring a team consisting 5 different heroes, such as cannon, support, mage, tank and marksman.

Tip: Select “Screen” to see stages and levels and any special tasks that need to be completed.


Magic Rush Heroes skill


5. Make Use Of Your Free Wishes.

Magic Rush: Heroes presents you with a wishing pool where you can get gold and diamond chests. Open 5 gold chests per day for free and get heroes, runes and other booster items. Diamond chests are available after every two days and come with rare forms of heroes, runes and other items.

Tip: Claim your wishes as soon as possible as they don’t stay for long on the screen.


6. Complete Achievements and Quests.

When you don’t have a lot of things to do in this real time strategy game, you can find achievements to reach or quest to complete. Completing achievements and quests come with rewards. Do not forget to collect them to boost your heroes and help with leveling up.

Hint: Select the “To Do” button to find achievements and quests. There is also a Quests menu where you can find a number of quests and their rewards.


Magic-Rush-Heroes strategies


About Magic Rush: Heroes

Developer: ELEX Wireless

Platforms: iOS | Android

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