Minimon Masters Cheats: Top 5 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Minimon Masters is similar to the original Pokemons, but has unique qualities that make it stand out on its own. The PATI-owned RPG comes with 80 heroes and 240 minimons, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

Featuring game modes such as Tower of Heroes, Envoy’s Story, Adventure, Arena and Raid Festival, Minimon Masters allows you to devise strategies and tactics in order to win the game.

You are exposed to a new world where you are supposed to use powers to survive. You form a party consisting of 5 different attribute combinations, customize characters and collect heroes and minimons.


Minimon Masters battle


Minimon Masters is a world class RPG, but it is a bit complicated. A newbie would definitely need a guide or some sort of walkthroughs to learn how to play the game.

On the other hand, an experienced gamer would need some tips, cheats and new tricks and strategies to get better at the game.

Get the help you need from this game guide. Make use of the following 5 tips, tricks and strategies to get the most from this epic adventure.


1. Spend Your Holy Water Wisely.

Holy water is the energy unit of this game. You will spend 2 units of the water for each mission you execute. It is wise to spend your holy water wisely so that you have enough for tasks that have to be undertaken.

Tip: Always keep an eye on how much water you have left.


2. Build A Guild And Join Another.

You will have an opportunity to meet new friends when you are in a guild. There are also perks which come with interacting with people in a guild. You can easily get help about the game from the guild friends.

You can build your guild and invite other people to join it. If you are a newbie in RPGs, joining a well-trafficked guild can really be helpful.


Minimon Masters guild


3. Make Use Of Auto Repetition.

Auto repetition will help you collect experience points and other bonuses. This feature will allow you to revisit already-completed levels and get more earnings and rewards from them.

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Tip: Concentrate with auto repetition when you reach level 20 because it only works with this level and above.


4. Evolve Your Minimons Every Now And Then.

In order to stay at the top of your competitors, you need to keep on evolving your minimons. You can do this by merging characters.

Tip: Merge weaker minimons with stronger ones.

The weaker minimons with disappear forever after combining them with the stronger ones. You will, however, get stronger minimons from the merging process. There are also some bonuses which come with evolving minimons.


Minimon Masters evolve


5. Do Not Forget To Collect Your Rewards.

Everyday, Minimon Masters provides players with amazing rewards. In order to collect your rewards, ensure you log in daily. You will not only access the rewards, but also find free summons that bring rare heroes.

Tip: Tap on the mailbox to collect your daily rewards.

In addition to the daily rewards, there are rewards for achievements. You need to complete achievements to get the rewards. Redeem them as soon as possible before they expire.


Minimon Masters (Android/iOS) – Unlimited Holy Water and Scales Guide

Minimon Masters Tricks



About Minimon Masters

Developer: PATI Games Corp.

Platforms: iOS | Android


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