Minions Paradise Cheats: 8 Tips and Tricks

Your favorite minions from the Despicable Me movie franchise are back but this time it’s in a game, minions paradise developed by Electronic Arts for the Android and iOS platforms.

Basically it’s a city/town developing game in terms of classification where the player can be thought of as a developer trying to help the minion named Phil turn a deserted tropical island into some kind of Cayman Islands. Kevin, Stuart and Bob are other minions from the movie present in the game.


Game Overview

The minions are on vacation traveling by a cruise ship when Phil (we all know him and we love him) slips across the cruise ship and makes it hit a rock and sink. In the commotion Phil finds himself in an island and everyone is angry with him for ruining their vacation. Realizing his mistakes and wanting to make up to them he must turn the island into a tropical island and give the minions their vacation.

So you are to help Phil in transforming the island.


Minions Paradise rescue


Minions Paradise Tips:

1. Rescuing Minions

The main priority of the game is to rescue minions and bring them to the island. You do this by checking the requests board and completing the requirements necessary for bringing in new minions. This goes to unlock new missions for progression and earns you more points and currency.


2. Progression

To advance levels you need to either complete job board requirements and bring in minions or collect XP points. To collect these points you should make sure that XP producing decorations are running as they will earn you party points. Another way to collect points is by completing mini games and aiming for the highest scores.

Completion of bulletin board requirements not only gets you lots of doubloons but also XP points.




3. Making more Currency

The currency of the island is the doubloons and the major way of making it is by completing the jobs on the bulletin board. Another way you could make some extra coin is by selling items you do not need in the storage room although you should be careful not to sell ones required for order completion. This will also clear up some storage room space for more important items.


4. Storage Space

Sooner or later you will start running out of space and you can add more by simply spending your doubloons (This is where not spending your doubloons in the beginning comes in handy). But a better way of managing space is discarding items you do not need and having only the right items required for job completion.

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The items you don’t need can be sold by posting them up for sale and once posted you’ll have to wait until it’s bought otherwise to delete the post you’ll have to spend some more doubloons. Items can also be sold to the captain but he only appears once level eight is reached.


Minions Paradise play


5. Party Points

Phil throws a party for the entire island every time he earns enough party points.

Parties go to unlock new items to build and they also boost your performance speed that is it speeds up every task you do temporarily for about two minutes.

You should take advantage of this by having as many minions as possible working to complete tasks and earn you more points.


6. Mini Games

Aside from the job board work, there are some other side games or mini games that can give you major rewards upon completion for example the shark race.


Minions Paradise mini games


7. Social Media Gateway

Whats even more awesome about this game is that you can connect with Facebook and play with up to four friends and completing their missions. And Stuart one of the other minions you can complete big requests from him and he will help you immensely with level progression.


8. Play More

As we were told in school during math lessons practice makes perfect a phrase that applies even for the minion’s paradise game. To get better you should play more and more to hone your skills and become an advanced player.

Log in more often and collect the items produced. With enough practice and consistency in playing you will be a pro gamer in no time.

Even if you are not a fan of the movies this is one game you definitely are going to enjoy. You can download it today on Google play or Appstore.



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