Mobile Strike Cheats: Top 6 Tips and Tricks

Mobile Strike is an MMO strategy game developed by the developers of Game of War: Fire Age.

In this game, you struggle to build yourself a strong military base, full with everything from soldiers to turrets, and compete other players whilst deciding which player will be your friend and which one your enemy. Craft alliances, wage wars and develop your own stronghold, all through your little android phone! Remember, you decide what role you play and what your relationships are with other players.

Here are a few tips to make your gameplay more enjoying and smoother:


1. Undertake Missions

Missions are the heart and center of this game.

Build troops, research advanced warfare technology, erect structures and so much more. You will never be at a loss of things to do here.

The game always presents you with a list of important and less-important missions, and you can prioritize them accordingly.

There are base missions, daily alliances and VIP missions. Each have their own importance, and provide you with coins and other stuff to help forward your journey in this fantastic mobile-based MMO RPG.


Mobile Strike missions


2. Find Resources

Unlike most games, which demand your real money every time you want to invest in something cool, Mobile Strike lets you go crazy with resources. Build as many buildings as you would like, then hunt for resources in the vast open world left for you to explore.

Try to build as many resource-supplying buildings as you can. These will help you multiply your resources instead of just being a drain.

Make sure your warehouse is always upgraded to house the multiplying resources.


3. Join Alliances

Joining other players is probably the most beautiful feature of an MMO game.

Joining alliances gives you access to instant gold, more missions and objectives, and fun people to talk to. Not to mention it boosts your immersion by 100%.

As you progress in the game, you will clearly outline who your friends and enemies are. Decide where your allegiances lie, and then do what you must to make your alliance the strongest one.

Raid enemy outposts, attack unfriendly players and gather more resources and military strength for your favorite alliance. Moreover, if someone in your alliance makes an in-app purchase, everybody gets a reward!


4. Connect Your Facebook

The get the most out of the game’s MMO feel, it’s a good idea to log into your Facebook account, which not only gives you an instant bonus, but also allows you to invite your Facebook friends into the game. Once they join, you can always have them join your alliance and help you with resources and coins.

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Further, if you gift gold to a friend, you get a present for free in return!


5. Patience is Rewarding

Unfortunately, like most android games, Mobile Strike too applies the same formula as Age of Empires, where you must wait for several seconds in order to upgrade your resources or build a new structure. The wait time, however, is lower than usual, and it is much smarter to just log off and go about your day, then come back after a little while, rather than spend huge amounts of coins to skip wait time.

Waiting in the game is neither too long nor intolerable, and if you only log off for a few hours, you will find your upgrade already waiting for you!


6. Attack those Who Quit

Of course, just like any other game, there are a large number of people who just get tired of the gameplay and quit. However, their strongholds remain untouched, and you can always raid them for an easy victory with no repercussions whatsoever!

Target the strongholds of the quitters and attack them strategically, but beware, as some of these players can always come back for revenge!


Mobile Strike provides players with a huge amount of content, gameplay, immersion and explorability. You can build your stronghold from the ground up, and do whatever you want with it. You get to decide who you ally with, and you get to choose your enemies too.

All in all, it’s a fun and rewarding game that one must check out, especially if they are an android/iOS fan.


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About Mobile Strike

Developer: Epic War LLC

Platforms: iOS | Android

Mobile Strike Review


Did you play Mobile Strike? What impression do you form of it? Also if you have other Mobile Strike cheats, tricks or strategies, let us know in your comments!



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