Modern Strike Online Cheats: 5 Tips Tricks and Strategy Guide

Modern Strike Online is offered by Game Development Ltd and is developed from Counter Strike – one of the action-filled games out there. The mobile game is designed for Android platform, but it can be installed and played on a PC.

When playing the game, you need to follow some routes, attacking & killing enemies with weapons and occupying territories. The game presents you with maps which are basically the battlegrounds and where the routes are located. When not busy attacking your opponents, you can enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes and other graphics provided in the game.

According to my own experience, Modern Strike Online is not that easy to play. You can face challenges right from the start, prompting you to look for things such as game guide, walkthroughs, tricks, tips and even hints. If you are finding it hard to play the action game, here are 5 tips and tricks to help you get better at the game.


1. Concentrate On Using The Most Powerful Weapons

In order to eliminate your enemies faster, you should use the most powerful weapons provided by the game. It is only the powerful weapon that can cause enormous damage to your opponent and help you win many battles. However, it is advisable to use powerful weapons when necessary, i.e. when facing intense challenge.

The most powerful fighting equipment in this game is the Grenade. When you want to attack a larger area or kill as many enemies as possible, you need to unleash Grenade attacks. There are less powerful weapons like Subguns, Tommy-guns and Pistols, and you can use them when there are fewer enemies around.


2. Use Armor To Strengthen Your Attacks

Armor is quite helpful in locations where your enemies are showing intense resistance. When you sense defeat in the battlefield, you can always use armor to avoid much harm and get some courage to push forward. Armor can actually prevent you from quick elimination and help you stay longer in the battlefield.

If you want to get the best armor, spend some currency. You may spend a considerable amount of currency, but this fighting equipment can really help you level up faster. When you want to play the game for many hours, get the equipment and you will definitely stay longer and stronger in the battlefield.


3. Explore All The 7 Maps And 3 Combat Modes

To enjoy Modern Strike Online fully, you need to move your attacks in all the 7 maps and play in the 3 available combat modes. When you are done with one map, move to the next and launch attacks, defeat your enemies and collect bonuses. Know the safest routes and the most secure hiding spots of the maps in order to have safe escape and secure cover always.

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Concerning the combat modes, you can start with the single player mode and take down your enemies solely. You can then switch to multi-player mode and round up other players/friends to fight your opponents as a group. The other mode is the custom mode which allows you to tailor the game to suit your playing abilities.


4. Acquire New Weaponry And Customize It

First, acquire the free weapons available as you continue to play and make achievements. Second, use the game’s premium currency to buy new, more powerful weapons. Opening crates is a great way to acquire free weapons, so ensure you log in regularly and find free crates to open.

The free weapons are usually not powerful enough to win some battles, so it is recommended to use the premium currency to buy more powerful fighting equipment. To get some more premium currency, you can use some real money to buy it.

When it comes to customization, you can get accessories to improve your weapons’ power and efficiency. You can buy accessories such as scopes, stocks & barrels and refurbish your fighting equipment. If you are a fan of colors, you can choose a good color for your weapons.


5. Upgrade and Repair Your Weapons

The fighting equipment wears out with time and use, so it is recommended to upgrade it time after time. Modern Strike Online provides you with silver coins to repair damaged weapons and also the currency to upgrade them. It is advisable to upgrade when necessary just to save coins and currency for other important tasks.


Modern Strike Online Glitch Video Guide

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