My Om Nom Cheats: Top 8 Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you had a pet that lived on eating candies?

ZeptoLab decided to provide you with that experience. They created a game in which you can take care of a cute candy-eating creature; they created – My Om Nom.

Extremely playful pet, endless possibilities for customization or many mini games are just some of the reasons why you should check out My Om Nom cheats. By a way of easing you into the game, we’ve taken upon us to give you a few guidelines for more effective gameplay.

Let us then go through eight tips and cheats you can follow if you want a more enjoyable gaming experience.


1) Keep Your Pet Clean – He’ll Enjoy It

The math here is simple: dirty Om Nom means sad Om Nom, while clean means extremely happy! Therefore take measure to clean your pet regularly and he’ll return it with a smile.

Brushing his teeth shouldn’t slip your mind, as he adores that as well.

There is no limit to his happiness, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning him too much; he is ready for a good rub whenever you are.


My Om Nom clean pet


2) Collect the Rewards

Pay close attention to the Om Nom’s window as it displays the different tasks for you to perform. Besides helping you to play the game more effectively, the tasks pinned to the window come with some luring awards after you have finished them. Completing these tasks may also help you learn more about the interaction between you and your pet.


My Om Nom rewards


3) A Shower of Experience!

Who doesn’t like a good, soapy shower?! Om Nom certainly does. And it’s even better if it comes with experience points!

Just tap the knob while cleaning your pet and see the experience shower on him. It might not work every time you try it, but it gives the tremendous boost of experience when it does.


4) More Experience!

When you visit the game room, make sure you check out the tree there.

The tree contains lots of stars and candies for your pet to pluck and eat. Experience and free bonuses are another reason to pay your attention to it. The tree regenerates over time, meaning that you should return to it every once in a while to pick up the sweets!

Make sure to use this tip on a regular basis, since it creates a big improvement in the game.


My Om Nom guide tricks


5) Candies, Candies, candies!

Yes, Om Nom loves to eat and yes, candies are his favorite food. Yet, different meals affect his body differently; some are more satisfying than others. The trick here is to fill Om Nom’s hunger meter by varying the food you give to him.

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Learn what food suits your pet best and feed him accordingly.


6) He Is Always Willing to Play

When energy meter of your pet leaks away, he won’t be in the mood for doing any tricks. But that does not mean that he won’t be in the mood to play with you. Just take him to the game room and see what we mean!

And besides, visiting the game room to play with Om Nom is a good way of replenishing his energy without taking a nap.


My Om Nom play minigames


7) He Won’t Mind if You Wake Him Up, Will He?

When he finally tires, Om Nom takes about three hours of sleeping time in order to fully replenish his energy meter. You can however wake him up before this time is up, interrupting his nap that way.

The energy meter may not be entirely full, but your Om Nom will be active and ready for some more candies.

But take note, you should expect some grumpiness on his part.


8) Help the House Grow

It is up to you to upgrade the dwelling place of your favorite pet.

Upon starting the game, Om Nom lives in a humble lair, very humble indeed. But as you progress in the game, you can work towards building and expanding his residence from a tiny shack to a glorious mansion! Just pay attention to the useful items Om Nom regularly drops, or if you’re impatient, buy the materials directly.

Growing Om Nom’s house by adding more rooms can also help you store more stuff in it.


My Om Nom house



My Om Nom now on Android!

My Om Nom arrives on Android! Share the best OmNoments

by ZeptoLab



About My Om Nom

Developer: ZeptoLab

Platforms: iOS | Android

Official WebSite


So there, we’ve so far covered the eight tips you should follow while playing My Om Nom. Adhering to these simple tips will help you greatly increase your gaming experience.

Combining a few of the tips will help you achieve a mutual benefit: both yours, and that of your pet!


If you liked this guide, don’t forget to rate and share. Also if you have other My Om Nom cheats or tips leave a comment below.



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