Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Cheats: Top 7 Tips and Tricks

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector is a fun-to-play leisure game that is all about stuffing your yard with colorful trinkets to attract more and more cats. The better trinkets you collect and display, the rarer and better your cats will be.

There are pet houses, novelty items, colorful fishes and so many toys to choose from!

The rarer the items you display, the rarer your cats will be. You can also feed them, pet them and take care of them like in real life.

The game’s colourful, hand-drawn world makes it feel cartoony and full-of-life, while its beautiful gameplay makes it feel really enjoyable.


1. Better Food Means Better Cats

Neko Atsume features a sprawling in-game store filled with different types of cat food and other cat stuff.

Obviously, the more money you spend on buying food, the better and more cats you will be attracting to your yard. Moreover, rarer foods are eaten up more quickly, and must be refilled frequently. If you are short on cash, you can still get some magnificent cats to show up by scattering a few toys here and there.

Just use the right combination of food and toys, and your yard will soon be overflowing with adorable little kittens!


Neko Atsume Kitty Collector cats


2. Tubbs Gifts You Fish

If you put out any foo better than the cheap Thrifty Bitz, you will get a friendly visit from a chubby cat named Tubbs. He will eat all your food, and stay put for a while. If you refill his bowl, he will leave. However, if you just leave the bowls untouched and let him leave by himself, he will gift you with lots and lots of fish, which you can use as food to attract more cats to your yard.

Doesn’t that sound like a dandy little secret?


3. Specific Cats Love Specific Items

Each type of specific cats are attracted towards specific items.

Your Cat Book is a handy guide on which cat loves what.

Fill up your yard with the right type and quantity of items, and you will get loads of cute cats showing up on your perch.


Neko Atsume Kitty Collector catbook


4. Themed Items Attract Rare Cats

There are some special “novelty cats” in Neko Atsume that follow specific themes. These cats are gorgeous, and very hard to attract to your yard unless you know the right items to catch their attention spans.

For example, Sassy Fran likes the Café items, Lady Meow Meow prefers the Luxurious Hammock, and Bob the Cat likes the Cat Metropolis. There are also several novelty cats that are attracted by more than one item.

You must give each item the fair amount of time in your yard to see which one attracts the best cats.

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5. Different Toys Earn You Different Fish

You can see the toys that give you more fish in the pic below.

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector rare cats

earn fish neko


6. Gold Fish can be Bought

Did you know that you can buy gold fish in Neko Atsume for silver fish?

Pretty strange, right?

You no longer need to use real money or wait for a cat to gift you gold fish, you can buy them straight off the shop for an adequate number of silver fish!

The rate is ten gold fish for 500 silver ones. While it’s pretty steep, it is still better than spending actual cash money.


7. Miss Fortune Gives Out Loads of Fish

Do you find yourself in need of a lot of fish within a short amount of time?

Then just buy the Cardboard House, and you will attract Miss Fortune to your yard. She is a maneki neko that gifts you loads of fish every time she departs.

Isn’t that fantastic?

If only real cats could barf out fish like that!


Neko Atsume Kitty Collector ms fortune


While you may have been mistaken at first look to think of Neko Atsume as a wastage of time, do not be deceived. While it seems to simple and innocent a game for grown-ups to play, it is actually one of the most addictive games ever made.

Just a few hours invested in and you will find yourself wanting to never leave! While leaving out trinkets and attracting pet cats may not sound like a great premise, it is actually quite interesting once you start playing it.

Leave out the right type of toys, food and houses and you may manage to attract some of the rarest cats in the game. In some ways, it is almost like Pokemon.

Plus, who can argue that it is a fantastic passage of time?


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About Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Developer: Hit-Point Co., Ltd.

Platforms: iOS | Android

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