Nibblers Cheats: Top 8 Tips and Strategy Guide

Let’s ask a simple question. Why do you play games? If you’re anything like us, then the answer is that they’re often extremely fun!

Rovio, the masterminds behind the Angry Birds series, recognized this and decided to create a game that is all about simplicity and fun; they created Nibblers! In the game, you’ll go through more than 200 levels of helping little fish-like creatures to defend their island from the invading reptiles who want all the fruit for themselves.

Stick with us, for in order to help you get the most out of this game, we decided to offer you these 8 tips, tricks, and cheats.


1) Get to Know Your Nibblers

As with the traditional match-three puzzle games, you make things happen by matching the right types of fruit on the board. Do this with more than 3 of them to summon your Nibbler!

Match 4 fruits of the same type to summon Coral, who is capable of clearing an entire row or column. If you make an �L’ or �T’ shape with 5 fruits, then prepare to meet Bitelings who clears entire rows and columns in all 4 directions.

Octo will spawn up if you match 5 fruits in a line; he does a lot of damage by obliterating 3 rows or columns. Finally, summon Bouncer by completing multiple combos and enjoy the sheer pleasure of devastating power! He can clear out an entire board with a single drop!


Nibblers your


2) Keep Your Friends Close…

In this game, you will be facing many different types of enemies; our advice? Don’t go into it blindly.

The first thing you’ll notice about your reptile enemies is whether they stand in one place or not. The static ones can be defeated by simply matching fruits in their vicinity, while the moving enemies are a bit harder to kill – they take two matches made on their heads in order to drop dead!

Snake-y and turtle-y creatures are a bit tougher since they require you to summon a Nibbler to eliminate them. Lastly, mud creatures can be taken out by matching fruits all around them. Beware though; those muddy beasts can be very tricky to kill!


3) Make the Power-ups Count

Fighting the enemies mentioned above is nothing compared to the boss battles. Therefore, however tough a regular level is, try not to spend your power-ups on it. Keep them for the bosses – they deserve it!

And besides, power-ups are not at all cheap.


Nibblers powerups


4) Match Big

Seeing how effective and colorful a 3-match play can be, it may make you satisfied with the easiest of matches. But, don’t be. In your game always go for bigger, 5 or more matches.

The reasons for this are many, but the most important one is that bigger matches result in summoning more powerful Nibblers, who in turn make the game more fun!

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Nibblers match big


5) Make Use of the Bonuses

No matter how good you are, sooner or later you will lose a level. Don’t despair though; the game has a neat way to get you back on track!

Whenever you fail, you’ll be offered to watch an ad video. By doing so you’ll receive a bonus Nibbler. Just make sure to watch the ad video before you quit the game, since once you left there won’t be any video to watch.


6) More bonuses!

Rovio’s long-established tradition of giving benefits to all players who connects their games to their Facebook accounts is present in Nibblers. Use this feature, for it gives you some special bonuses, not the least of which is the possibility to get a few extra lives.

Connecting to your Facebook account will also save any progress you’ve made. This is particularly handy if you change your device or for some reason uninstall the game.




7) Focus on the Objective

This one may seem straightforward to some, but we feel the need to stress it out.

The levels in Nibblers often feature a few obstacles that you have to get around before completing your objectives. Try not to focus of these obstacles; they are there only to hinder your progress towards completing the objectives.

For instance, if the game asks you to clean some mud before getting to a reptile, do not clean all of it! It would be a pointless activity that results in no reward whatsoever.


Nibblers objective


8) Undo Your Moves

If you feel you’re about to make a wrong move with your Nibbler, don’t despair. You can always change your mind provided that you still have control over the Nibbler in question. Take your time and Drag the Nibbler as long as you feel like it!



Nibblers Android/iOS Gameplay Tips and Tricks Video

Nibblers (By Rovio Entertainment) - Meet The Nibblers Play with Friends



About Nibblers

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Platforms: iOS | Android


Following these 8 tips, tricks, and cheats will make you a nightmare for all those nasty reptiles. Therefore, don’t waste a minute more but prepare for a fruit war!

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