Pocket Mortys Cheats: Top 7 Tips and Tricks Guide

If you are familiar with the Rick and Morty animated series, you may not have any major challenges playing Pocket Mortys. In a nut shell, Pocket Mortys is an Adult Swim’s mobile game that can be played on iOS and Android devices. It is based on Rick and Morty and borrows a lot of features from Pokémon.

You are supposed to recruit and train Mortys then assemble them to fight rival Ricks. The Rick bosses are surrounded by alien creatures, which means that you have to get past them in order to access the bosses. You will definitely become the greatest trainer if you take down all the rival Ricks.

If you are new to Pocket Mortys, you probably need a game guide or walkthroughs to learn how to play the game. Some tips, tricks and hints can be helpful if you’ve already grasped the game’s plot and storyline. Here are 7 Pocket Mortys cheats, tips, tricks, hints and strategies to help you get started or get better at the game.


1. Know Your Way Around In Pocket Mortys.

Knowing your surroundings is one of the most important things you will want to do when starting out in the game. The most important areas are the Citadel, the Portal and the Rick’s Store while the most important buildings include the Day Care and the Healer. As for the characters, you will come across the rival Ricks and non-playing characters (NPCs).


2. Defeat Ricks And Earn Badges And Morty Manipulator Chips.

The more Ricks you take down, the more badges you gain. You can use the badges to buy items or unlock Morty Manipulator Chips which will help you explore the Portal.


Pocket Mortys battle ricks


3. Keep In Mind That Some Worlds Are Randomized.

One of the random worlds is the Portal. There are many Mortys to battle and collect in the random worlds, so you will not be bored when traversing them. You will also enjoy fighting the Rick boss who lives at the furthest end of the Portal.


4. Collect As Many Mortys As Possible.

As you fight other trainers, do not forget to collect free Mortys and other valuable items. Use the Manipulator Chips to fight and collect more Mortys and send them to the Day Care center where they will be in safe hands. Make use of the elemental system to fight Mortys without spending your earnings.

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Trick: Craft new better items from some of the looted items.


Pocket Mortys collect train


5. Purchase Items From Salesman Rick.

You can trust Salesman Rick when your side is weakened and about to lose the battle. Visit the Rick and buy helpful items such as serum, portions and even Morty Manipulator Chips.

Hint: Go to the menu and select the Salesman Rick icon.


6. Evolve Your Mortys.

This is only possible at the Day Care. Go to this place and combine your weak Mortys to create more powerful characters. This is a great strategy that will help you maintain a strong team while saving your earnings.


Evolve Your Mortys


7. Interact with NPCs At The Citadel.

Concentrate on the NPCs with question marks or exclamation marks over their heads. Do not fail to exchange items with these characters as they can reward you with much better items.


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