Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Cheats and Tips – How to Get Free Diamonds and Coins

In Magikarp Jump, your main objective is to complete the league matches and beat your opponents by making your Magikarp the best jumper worldwide. But if you really want to win every league match, you need Diamonds. These are important currencies used to purchase in-game items such as coins, decorations, training soda as well as friendship items.

How to Get Free Diamonds & Coins

If you really enjoy playing Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, you don’t need a hack tool to generate Diamonds. There are multiple ways to earn a steady flow of Diamonds & Coins, though some of them may take a while to complete. Here are the best ways to get Diamonds and Coins in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump.

1. Complete Achievements

Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to get Diamonds for free. The game offers various rewards for completing achievements, and Diamonds is one of them. Each achievement always has up to 5 levels of completion. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to earn multiple Diamond rewards for the same achievement.

Generally, Achievements that rewards Diamonds offer between 5-to-25 Diamonds upon completion. The ones that reward the highest amount of Diamonds include “Number of Logins” & “Complete Objectives” achievements.



2. Complete League Battles & Events

You can also earn Diamonds & Coins by completing different league matches & event in Magikarp Jump. Every time you beat your opponent in a battle, you are rewarded with Coins. But when you defeat the last opponent in the league & complete the league itself, you are rewarded with both Coins and Diamonds.

If you can keep leveling up your Magikarp and continue working your way up through the different leagues, you’ll be able to unlock even more Diamonds. Note that your opponents get stronger as you progress in the game. We recommend that you level up your Magikarp as high as possible before you can dive into the league matches.

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Generally, competing in Magikarp Jump league battles is always worth the effort since you are guaranteed various rewards for completing a certain number of matches in each league. Moreover, some random events & encounters occur throughout the game and also reward Diamonds.



3. Discover New Magikarp Patterns

Your Magikarp keeps getting bigger as it levels up. This means that as you progress in the game, you’ll be able to see it more clearly. Whenever you discover a new Magikarp pattern for your Pattern Dex, you’ll receive a bonus Diamond reward. We recommend that you use some of your coins to upgrade “Food” so that Magikarp can level up and grow faster.

When the time comes to fish for a new Magikarp, you need to be very keen and pay attention to the color pattern of every Magikarp you catch. If you have already discovered all the pattern variations of a specific Magikarp color, you can always send it back and then try to catch another one with a rare or unique color pattern such as purple, gold or pink.



4. Purchase Diamonds

You can simply purchase Diamonds with real money. It is not free but this is the perfect option for individuals who want to get ahead of the curve or those who don’t have time to play the game, complete events and earn achievements.



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