Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Cheats: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is out in the market now! Your mission? Defeat Rita Repulsa together with her vile Ranger clones and hideous monsters. Continue reading on and emerge victorious in your quest to save the world together with your Power Rangers!

Follow these tips and cheats to make these as your foundation as you make your progress and get better in the game.


1. Know Your Rangers

Of course, the first thing you have to do is to know who’s on your side. There are two types of Rangers in this game: the Leader Ranger and two Assist Rangers. There are also two classes of Rangers: the Attack and the Defensive ones. Remember to use each of them wisely as Attack Rangers can only gain the most offensive cards.

On the other hand, Defensive Rangers have the chance of getting the most shields and use it to their advantage in battle as well. You can only have direct control to the Leader Ranger. You can summon an ally in the form of Assist Rangers during each and every fight, but you can only do this by using cards.

Summoning an Assist Ranger can do a couple of things to help you in attacking your opponent, and adding health to your Leader Ranger. Although they cannot inflict that much damage on their attacks, the extra health they provide can make your every attack worthwhile as it could be crucial, especially if you need more time in defeating your enemy.


2. Attack by Stratagem

Blue cards shield you against regular attacks, but it cannot protect you from regular red attacks. Survive the battle by moving away from red attacks.

Time your attacks. If you want to win, precision is everything. This is one of the best ways in defeating your opponent. With precise timing, your opponent will not have the chance to retaliate.

Watch your opponent’s every move. You will see a hint of what his next move will be. Watch out for that and gain the upper hand. Use color-breaking attacks to your advantage.



3. In Opening Morph and Corruption Boxes

Don’t waste your time. Open Morph boxes as soon as you can because they arrive at any given time. They contain crucial Shards for unlocking new Rangers. They are also your best source for currency. It is best to open easy-open boxes first then leave those that take time for later opening.

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Corruption Boxes don’t just give up so easily. Jump on every battle you can get your hands on. The damage you earn in every battle is the key to unlocking Corruption Boxes. You can earn damage whether you win or lose. Keep earning them.

Also, earning experience is as easy as frequently checking completed achievements. Do this every so often and you will be shocked by how much experience you have earned in no time.


4. Leveling Up

Choose your favorite Ranger early on. It is necessary to save most, if not all, of your Shards, currency, and boxes. You will need a lot of them in upgrading your Ranger. Start collecting and saving them early in the game. They became harder and harder to gain as you progress.


5. Strength in Numbers

It is not always a good idea to fight on your own. Upgrade your player to level 2 and you can become more powerful. At this stage, you have unlocked the ability to either form or join alliances. This is one way of gaining Shards you don’t have and giving Shards that you don’t need. This is one way of unlocking more Rangers to join your team.



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