SimCity BuildIt Strategy Guide: Top 5 Cheats and Tips

Ah, it feels so good to be a mayor and be responsible for your own city, that you named and you built from scratch, don’t you think?

Wait, you don’t know how that feels like?

Well, you should look no further because SimCity BuildIt is not only one of the best city building games on Android and iOS phones but one of the best games in general. It’s a great game that has you as the mayor of a brand new city that you get to create and mold at your will, what could be better than that?

SimCity BuildIt cheats tips


Right from the start, you are put in the tutorial, the game helping you out, telling you how the entire world works. You get to choose a name, you get to build roads, residential areas and then stores and factories. From those you get the materials to develop the houses, get money and experience from them, which, in turn, helps you level up and have access to new buildings and more of the same old ones.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

It can be, but that’s not always the case; you can easily get confused as to why your population isn’t happy or why everything is taking so long to expand. And that is where we come in to help you out with our top five tips.


1) Grow, Expand, Develop!

However you want to call it, it’s a key process of the entire game.

The roads are free to build so just make a structure for your city and then make as many residential areas as possible. Once you’re done with that we recommend you to organize them a bit better, build a few parks to increase the population, give them what they desire and then develop them into bigger ones, granting you more people, money and experience.

Not to mention, you get more tax money. Who doesn’t like being rich and having the freedom to do as they wish with their city?

SimCity BuildIt develop grow


2) Take Care of the Area of Effect

We mentioned previously that you have to give your population what they desire. One of these things is safety and security. They do go hand in hand, considering you have to build hospitals, fire stations or police precincts.

Why is this so important?

Because if your citizens don’t feel safe, or simply aren’t safe, then they will leave, and you definitely don’t want that.

So what you have to do is either construct many buildings with a small area of effect or a few big ones, but you do have to be careful that the area of effect covers all of your residential buildings.

SimCity BuildIt Area of Effect


3) Constant Factory Work

In order to develop your residential areas, you need items. Those items take a while to be created, either by the stores or the factories; but the latter provide the core materials that you will need throughout the game. Seriously, you can’t survive without factories.

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This is what you should do: Build many of them, as advanced as possible, as far away from the residential areas as possible if they cause pollution, and start them up. Whenever you are in the game and you are not rushing to build something, create things that don’t take a long while; and for when you know you are going to go offline for a longer period of time, start creating some of the things that take a long, and I mean long, period of time to finish.

SimCity BuildIt Factory


4) Diversity in Materials

Tying in with what we mentioned before, the diversity in materials is essential. You will need plenty of different materials in order to grow your city and you want to have them at hand for when you see you can upgrade five of your residential buildings at the same time. You don’t want to wait for everything to be created from then on.

No, you want your money and your experience to come at you right then. But for that you need to have a wide range of materials.

So don’t just build nails or hammers, dig a little bit into those planks and hats as well!

SimCity BuildIt materials


5) Expand the Stores’ Production Line

It costs sim cash which you obtain through completing achievements that, to be fair, come naturally to you, so you shouldn’t worry about it at all. It’s a very smart thing to do because the items that you get from the stores take quite a while to create and are extremely valuable so it’s better to put them all in at once and not have to worry about checking constantly to see if they are finished in order to replace them.


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Those are our tips for you and we do hope that they will improve your experience with the game significantly, making you enjoy it more!

Let’s build one of the best cities of all, shall we?

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