Legends of Runeterra for PC (Windows/MAC Download)

If you pride yourself on being a highly strategic player and enjoy fantasy-based card games it’s well worth exploring the magical world of Legends of Runeterra. To discover a handy guide to download the game and winning battles simply continue reading.

How to Download and Play Legends of Runeterra on PC:

Download, Install and Play Legends of Runeterra on your Windows PC or MAC with mobile app emulators for free.

  1. Download & Install Bluestacks. Alternatively, you can use Memu or Nox.
  2. Register new or connect your old Gmail/Google Play account.
  3. Go to the search box in the emulator and type “Legends of Runeterra”
  4. Click “Install” button next to the game and wait for the apk to finish downloading.
  5. That is it, click Play! Enjoy Legends of Runeterra for your desktop/laptop PC!

Platforms: Android | iOS | Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista | MacOS


Why Download Legends of Runeterra for PC | Main Features:


It exists in the world of League of Legends.

As Legends of Runeterra exists in the world of League of Legends you’ll be able to collect a wide variety of popular characters from League of Legends. However, you’ll also get to collect brand new characters who only exist in Legends of Runeterra.

It’s a strategic deck-building game that rewards strategic players.

Legends of Runeterra is a strategy-focused deck-building game that rewards strategic players over high-level players. If you’re looking for a game in which newbies can beat long-time players using clever strategies it’s well worth playing Legends of Runeterra. Think of it as a modern fantasy version of chess.

The heroes from each region of Runeterra use different strategies to their advantage.

You can choose to build a team that features heroes from a single region or you can choose to balance out your team by recruiting heroes from different regions to your team.

If you prefer to attack first and to ask questions later you may want to recruit heroes from Noxus who prefer all-out assaults while if you’re willing to take big risks to win large advantages you may want to stack your team with heroes from Bilgewater. Alternatively, if you enjoy playing with unpredictable heroes who enjoy a little madness and mayhem you may want to collect heroes from Piltover and Zaun.

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New cards are added to the game on a regular basis.

You’ll always have to tweak your battle strategies as new cards are added to Legends of Runeterra on a regular basis and your enemies may acquire new cards that may foil your go-to strategies.

You can counter attack your enemies’ moves.

Instead of being forced to take a hit and lose health points and to wait your turn, you’ll be able to counter-attack your enemies’ moves. So be sure to watch each attack carefully to come up with an effective counter-attack. Especially if an enemy has left themselves weak and open for a quick well-timed attack.

You can use allies in order to support your heroes.

Don’t forget to use allies in order to support your champions. As allies can increase your champions statistics and will give your heroes an advantage in your battles.

Legends of Runeterra - New Gameplay Teaser | 30 Second Preview

You get to choose which region you’d like to explore first.

One of the first choices which you’ll have to make is which magical region you’d like to explore first. It’s a great idea to select a region that offers heroes whose powers suit your preferred style of gameplay.

So if you can’t wait to play a game which rewards strategy over high leveled players and offers a fair battleground for all it’s definitely well worth playing Legends of Runeterra!

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Legends of Runeterra
Legends of Runeterra
Developer: Riot Games, Inc
Price: Free


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