Summertime Saga for PC (Windows/MAC Download)

How to Download and Play Summertime Saga on PC

Summertime Saga is a dating simulation which has been designed for adults and which doesn’t shy away from adult themes and content. In Summertime Saga you’ll play as a young man in a small suburban town who finds himself in debt after his father’s death. To discover why it’s well worth playing Summertime Saga, simply continue reading.

Download, Install and Play Summertime Saga on your Windows PC or MAC for free.

Platforms: Android | Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista | MacOS | Linux


Why to Download Summertime Saga for PC | Main Features


It offers a large cast of over 65 unique characters.

You’ll be able to send endless hours playing Summertime Saga as you’ll be able to replay it several times in order to flirt with different characters. To see how your choices effect your character’s story. Better yet new characters are added to Summertime Saga with every update.

Summertime Saga features female and male love interests.

You’ll get to decide whether your character is more interested in pursuing women or men. Or you may decide that your character is bisexual and is open to pursuing both men and women.

It’s storyline will have you hooked.

After the death of your father your character will find out that his father owed a large amount of money to a mysterious group of shady criminals. Furthermore you’ll also get to solve the secret behind your father’s unexpected death as all is not as it seems.

You’ll be able to explore your wildest dreams.

Summertime Saga differs from traditional dating simulations as it caters to a wide variety of fantasies. As examples your character will have the option of running a harem or seducing an attractive librarian. Some of the other wild fantasies which you’ll be able to live out include dating a nurse or experimenting with voyeurism.

There are currently over 20 mini games to play.

If you ever get bored of flirting with beautiful characters simply play some of Summertime Saga’s 20 exciting mini games. Some examples of the mini games on offer include a piano themed mini game where you’ll be tasked with hitting the right notes as they appear on your screen.

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You’ll be able to hunt for dates in over 30 diverse locations.

To find dates you’ll need to explore some of the game’s 30 unique locations. As an example if you want to date a woman with a beach ready body head to the local beach club or the town swimming pool. Alternatively if you have a thing for adorable shy girls head straight to the church or the town library.

You can impregnate characters.

If you have a fetish of impregnating a woman you’ll be able to impregnate most of the female characters in Summertime Saga. After giving birth the town’s women will head to the recovery ward in the local hospital. Where you’ll be able to visit your offspring and their mothers.

Final thoughts.

So if you’re looking to play a fun naughty game which has been designed to let gamers explore their wildest sexual fantasies it’s definitely well worth downloading Summertime Saga. Especially if you want to unleash your inner playboy or playgirl.

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