Family Island Guide: Top 6 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Family Island invites you on an exciting adventure on a remote tropical island where you will have to explore the surroundings and find resources to survive. You will have to work hard and put a value on each inch of land to turn the deserted village into a flourishing industrial town. Of course, this task is not easy, so we decided to give you a list of game tips and strategies that will help you build a thriving economy with little effort and turn the abandoned island into a trade hub.

1. Keep everybody on the island busy

Surviving on a deserted island is not an easy task. The only way to avoid starving to death is to start working day and night to develop the abandoned village. In this way, you have to keep everybody busy, assigning tasks and ensuring that the production queue is always full.

Make the factories work without interruption so that you can produce lots of goods and sell them for a profit, besides using them for personal needs. Don’t forget to harvest the crops on time and take care of them regularly ensuring that they are not damaged.

2. Follow the game guide.

Exploring the island on your own searching for resources and treasures could be a way out. However, there is a shorter path to making progress on Family Island. So a tip for you would be to complete the objectives appearing on the panel located on the left side of the screen.

The small circles on the panel hide dialogues and tips that will put you on the right way. By taking on the tasks from the panel you will earn a lot of rewards that you will be able to invest in building and upgrading factories, expanding the crop area, and purchasing tools that will make your life on the island easier.

3. Improve your cooking abilities.

Getting energy points is one of the most difficult tasks in the game. The point is that the only source of energy is berries and fruits which are scarce and you have to go a long way to pick up some. However, there is a game trick that will help you avoid wasting time and effort on collecting berries.

This trick is cooking, which also gives you much energy. Thus, you will be better off sharpening your cooking skills and starting preparing meals instead of going in the wilderness for a handful of berries that will hardly suffice for the entire family.

Keep in mind that chickens and goats are a big source of eggs, milk, and meat. So having some in your village will be of great help in providing your family with nutritious and delicious meals.

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4. Upgrade your facilities.

The more you progress through the game, the larger facilities you need to store resources, manufacture goods, and cook food. For example, by starting building new factories, you will need more stone and timber and, as a result, more spacious storage facilities.

This is why you have to upgrade the storage spaces at every opportunity. In this way, you will keep the resources in safety and protect them from rain and other weather hazards. Also, you can reserve the existing resources for using them later on building or upgrading a certain facility and avoiding, in this way, spending them on a different purpose.

5. Buy resources in the shop.

Some of the resources take years to develop naturally. To avoid waiting much, you may go to the shop and get what you need in just a second. In this way, you are going to build a blossoming economy faster and upgrade important facilities with little effort.

The Shop is found on the right side of the screen and the available items are broken up into categories for a convenient search. Having a large number of diamonds will be of great help as they will allow you to buy unusual things, sophisticated tools, and eye-catching decorations that are hard to find on the island.

6. Trade at the marina to get valuable goods.

A small family stranded on a deserted island cannot produce much. Of course, you will need a lot of items, besides the ones you produce or find on the island, to survive. A way of getting hold of valuable goods is to trade with a merchant that comes at the marina every 4 hours.

But to get him to bring you the needed items, you will have to load his ship with the goods he demands. Every time he comes to the marina, he will give you a list of goods he needs and you will have 4 hours to complete the list. If you manage it, he will give you instead of diamonds, food, and other precious resources.



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  1. I am addicted to the game but my husband will divorce me when he finds out how much MONEY it is costing him. He is already upset about how much time I spend with it.

    I wish I could buy levelcentric items like shells, palm logs, or buttons.

    The Merchant keeps asking for items that take 2 hours to generate and that we need for upgrades. 1 baked bring takes a couple of hours and requires 3 bricks that take 3 hours to craft.

    Energy is not available often enough to reduce the amount of money we are spending.

    Mysterious Island is hella boring because you get stuck at every turn. The island sucks up far to many resources, energy, and rubies.

    I’m pretty sure most of the players are over 18 with jobs. A child would never get anywhere in this world game.

    Like I said, I’m hooked on it, but it really stresses me out and I’m worried about compulsive behavior.

  2. Lol I’m addicted too and have spent MUCH money on this game! And here we are still looking up tips and tricks lmaoooo

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