Hello Neighbor Guide: Top 10 Cheats & Tips

If you love playing survival games and are ready to solve the mystery of Hello Neighbor you’ve come to the right place. As listed below are a few handy cheats and tips that will help you work your way through your neighbor’s house quickly and efficiently.

Remember that your neighbor can’t trespass on your property.

If you’re in danger of being caught by your neighbor you always have the option of retreating to your house as your neighbor is unable to step foot on your property. However, do be warned that he may try and chase you to your property and will throw glue jars at you in order to try and stop you in your tracks. So run to your property as fast as you can to avoid being caught.

You can hide extra items in your house.

You can only carry four items at a time. However, if you find a fifth item that you believe you’ll require in the future to solve a puzzle you’ll be able to hide some of your items that you’ve equipped at home. In order to free up an extra inventory slot.

Run home if your screen turns black.

If you screen turns blank it’s a warning that your neighbor is extremely close to your current location and may know exactly where you are. While you may be able to hide in a nearby hiding spot when you hear your neighbor walking if your screen turns blank run home as fast as you can. Another clear warning that you’re in dire danger is if you hear a disturbing loud sound.

Always ensure that you have a safe hiding spot in sight.

When you’re exploring your neighbor’s mysterious home always ensure that you have a safe hiding spot in sight. That way you’ll be able to hide in your chosen hiding spot straight away and won’t be caught desperately trying to find a safe spot to hide. As an example as soon as you enter your neighbor’s home you’ll find a closet that you can hide into the right of the front door.

Look for bright colored closets in the dark.

When you walk through dark areas of your neighbor’s house as you flash your flashlight around look for bright colored closets as they still stand out in the dark. As if you manage to find a closet if you hear your neighbor sneaking up on you in the dark you’ll be able to head straight to the closet which you’ve located.

Use your logic to figure out how to use each item that you find.

As an example, you’ll find that the umbrella which you’ll pick up can be used in order to safely move around your neighbor’s rooftop. As your umbrella can save you from falling as you’ll be able to float down from drops using your umbrella. Always make sure to pick up items as even if you don’t see a use for an item straight away if you keep it at your house when do require it you’ll know exactly where to find it.

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Keep an eye out for keys.

In order to complete Hello Neighbor, you’ll need to locate a green key and a red key. So be sure to keep an eye out for both as you won’t be able to progress through certain sections of the game without the right key equipped.

Remember that you can throw objects.

From time to time you may want to throw objects to help yourself escape your neighbor. As an example, if you want to run back to the safety of your house and your neighbor is hot on your heels you can try throwing objects which you don’t need in his path. To buy yourself enough time to escape.


Ensure that your actions aren’t predictable.

Over your time your neighbor will pick up on any patterns in your actions. So if you want to survive it’s crucial to ensure that your actions aren’t too predictable as your enemy learns from your actions and becomes smarter over time.

Close doors behind you when you enter each room.

Each time that you enter a new room close the door behind you so that your neighbor won’t be able to sneak up behind you without making any noise.

So if you want to work your way through Hello Neighbor without encountering any frustrating challenges it’s well worth using all of the handy tips and tricks which are listed above.


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