The Sims Mobile Cheats: Top 6 Tips and Tricks

What is one of the most exciting games that just got released last month? I’m sure many of you will immediately pin to the familiar green diamond – The Sims Mobile!

After months of waiting, The Sims Mobile was finally released in March, 2018. If you are a big fan of The Sims series like I am, then you must have dived right into the game like I did!

However, just like the real world, many players (including me) found earning money and experience points tedious and painful. Therefore, today I’m bringing you 6 proven tips that will help you thrive in the game.


1. Using Multiple Sims to Farm.

When we play MMO games, we often create multiple accounts. While one character is our main focus, the rest are used for farming in order to build up the main one faster.

The same logic applies to The Sims Mobile.

At the beginning of game, you are allowed only one Sim. But soon another free slot opens up. Any additional slots require SimCash to unlock. When you first start the game, you could earn a good amount of SimCash by going thru quests – enough for you to unlock another sim.

The earnings of all Sims are counted altogether. Therefore, while your main sim is enjoying his/her life, put the additional ones into work. Have them fight for the special events.Farming also helps you unlock furniture and collections much faster.

2. Be Patient, don’t Spend Money to Skip.

Sometimes we are too urgent. We don’t want to wait for an event to finish. This is how most of simulation games lure us into charging our accounts with real money. So don’t fall for it!

Most of the Deluxe, unique items in the game requires SimCash to unlock whereas the common currency in the Sims is Simoleon. In other words, SimCash is the premium currency.

If you waste the cash on skips, you won’t have enough to buy that wonderful limited-time furniture set you’ve always had your eyes on. Therefore, save for the best is the words of wisdom.


3. Don’t Miss the Daily Opportunities.

Almost every game has a check-in system nowadays and so does The Sims Mobile. Make sure you fulfill the daily checklists to earn free SimCash and even Fashion Points for custom-design clothing.

Sure, some of the checklist item can be tedious. But if you are using the farming technique, you can finish the checklist much faster.


4. Retire Your Sim When it’s Time.

Someone might not want to retire a sim especially if it’s a farming Sim. However, as the old saying goes, you gain some, you lose some.

Retired sim is no longer productive economically. However, they hang around and give you artifacts, and artifacts are used to unlock special hobby and related furniture!

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Yet again, if you are in desperate need of more Simoleons, you should wait on the retirement option. You can always get artifacts later either from the same Sim or a different one.

Once your Sim reaches Level 16, you are given the option to retire.


5. Prioritize Event Participation – Always!

How many of you were part of the Hot Tub Dream event not too long ago?

Events are the best opportunities to make your Sim unique. Not only do events yield more Simoleons and sometimes Sim Cash, they also produce limited-time apparels and furniture.

When your friend come by your sim’s house and ask in awe: “Where did you get that super fancy item?” Tell them you got it from the grand prize by competing an event.


6. Biggest Room Possible.

When you upgrade your house, always build the new room as big as you can – they cost the same! That way you can put in as much furniture as you want. You can always make adjustments later.

Don’t mind duplicating furniture, for example, having two different types of stove. If you have multiple Sims, they all need to use appliances to level up, and each appliance only allow one user.

Therefore, build a big room so you can maximize the yielding of your sims.


The Sims Mobile is a great game with lots of fun. The best part of the game is the content is continually expanding.

However, without the right strategy, the game can be quite time consuming and tiring. If you don’t have time, create multiple sims and put them on auto-finish. It takes longer to finish an event that way, but it is hands-free. Save your premium SimCash so you can buy the fancy stuff. Farm to gain more experience points, more Simoleon and unlock new chapters.

Finally, enjoy the game the best you can. If you don’t have time to complete an event, it’s completely fine. Play, and have fun.


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