Solitaire Grand Harvest: Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Solitaire Grand Harvest is an innovative casual game that mixes solitaire and farming. If you’re interested in playing Solitaire Grand Harvest it’s well worth continuing reading to discover a few invaluable tips and cheats which you’ll find useful. Especially if you want to win free coins, lives, and boosts.

Spin the bonus wheel as often as possible.

One of the simplest ways to earn free coins, additional cards, extra harvests, and bonus rounds is to spin your bonus wheel as often as possible.

Invite your friends to play Solitaire Grand Harvest in order to receive free credits.

If you’d like to earn free credits which will help you progress through Solitaire Grand Harvest quicker it’s well worth inviting your online friends to play Solitaire Grand Harvest. As you’ll be able to earn 10,000 free credits.

Send gifts to your friends.

Once you’ve added a few friends ensure to send free gifts to your friends on a daily basis as it costs nothing to send gifts to your in-game friends. The reason why it’s a great idea to regularly send gifts to your friends is that the more gifts that you send the more gifts that you’ll be sent in return. Some items which you can send and receive include bonus rounds and powerful boosters.

Use your dog Sam to earn bonus rewards.

In Solitaire Grand Harvest you’ll be able to work together with your pet dog Sam in order to collect special treats. The more treats that you manage to you find the more rewards that you’ll earn. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Sam’s dog treats.

Collect rewards from Hoppy the frog.

From time to time Hoppy the frog will land on one of your cards. While Hoppy is sitting on a card it will be blocked from play. However, if you manage to work around Hoppy he’ll reward you for your efforts. So ensure to strategically work around Hoppy each time he hops onto one of your solitaire cards.

Play through VIP levels.

In order to win exciting rewards, it’s well worth playing through VIP levels. Just keep in mind that VIP levels won’t be available when you first start playing Solitaire Grand Harvest and will need to be unlocked. VIP levels are a lot more challenging than regular levels and require careful strategic planning to beat.

Earn crates of loot from each field.

Each time that you become a crop master of a field you’ll uncover crates full of loot. Inside each creation, you’ll find prizes such as boosters and coins. The prizes that you’ll receive each time are randomly generated and it’s always exciting getting to open up another loot crate.

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Grow as many crops as possible.

Even if you’re more interested in the solitaire portions of the game if you want to earn the win as many boosts as possible which will help you beat difficult levels it’s important to plant as many crops as possible. Ideally, you should harvest your crops several times per day in order to earn as many rewards as possible. Also, remember to replant your crops as soon as you harvest your fully grown plants or flowers.

Play the bonus mini-games which are on offer.

Another way to earn handy rewards is to play some of the bonus mini-games which are on offer. Especially if you want a break from the main games which are on offer. If you’re finding it challenging to complete a particular level and have run out of boosts it’s a great idea to play a few mini-games in order to accumulate more boosts quickly.

Explore the Golden Glade.

One area which is packed full of prizes is the Golden Glade. So if you’re in need of boosts, lives, and power-ups make sure to explore the Golden Glade.

So if you enjoy card games and farming games and are interested in playing a game that incorporates both types of gameplay it’s definitely well worth playing Solitaire Grand Harvest. Just ensure to use all of the helpful cheats, tips, and tricks listed in the game guide above in order to get the most out of your game and to earn as many prizes as possible.



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  1. what is meant by “deck cards”. When collecting them is one of the so called missions, I have no idea how I manage to earn them so it’s always a surprise when I do and when I don’t. Help! And thanks

  2. It’s frustrating that you have to ‘buy back’ coins you’ve already earned and ‘saved’. Not enough mini games and I’m starting to realize that unless you spend $$$ to get more trick cards etc, it’s not as fun. Booo.

  3. Each time try to get free gifts it always say I got it. What’s up with that?

  4. It took me a long long time to build up my coins and less than 2 minutes to lose them. The game gets you hooked and then it will not let you go far unless you spend money!!!!!

  5. Why do some people not have master leagues on their game to hold you back so they keep running ahead and it costs a lot of money and wasted days to get back on track. Please let me know.

  6. Can’t figure out level 389 where the special card changes to the same number you just played. Hints on how to do it?

  7. I agree the game doesn’t give very many coins for the amount of the levels cost even Sam only broke so 500 claims and when you win the prize for being good at the memory or good at getting gems cuz you play the highest mode it’s still only gives you as a reward after you’ve completed the 11 out of 11 or 5 out of five or seven out of seven or whatever it is to build that part of the farm it only gives you like enough to play one round in the lowest mode even when you watch the ad to get an extra percentage off. Game is fun and addicting was very creative and well planned out except for the amount of rewards given for the amount of time and tax put it

  8. Love the game but I agree with some others that spending risks on higher levels (which is Always “suggested”) lacks in rewarding sufficient credit rewards to make it worthwhile. The better you do in solving the great “puzzles” of the very suspicious cards given, and the timings of when they’re presented, seems to make no difference. Even when you have done the best you can given your purchases of either and/or the “remove cards”, “clear payables “, and “wild cards”, to enhance your odds, the payoffs will ALWAYS result in your credit total going down! There is though the extremely rare instance when you come out ahead! Because it is so rare, at times this game sometimes gets disappointing and will cause me to stop 🛑 playing. I would think the game designers would Pay more attention if others also stop Paying and Playing 🤔

  9. I agree with all the comments we r talking about major money once ur hooked. Not like $50-$100 month it’s more like $1000-$2000. I’m on the 3500+ levels and they may give u 500 coins more than u pay but on that level a wild is 79,000 coins and 5 more coins is up to 100,000 coins. What really! I can think of better things to buy. But when ur addicted it’s like a drug. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to start playing. They say ‘free” but I don’t know where.

  10. I’m on level 12920… I have not spent one cent to get to this point in the game. So it can be done. Admittedly, I had similar frustrations as others earlier on in the game because I never seemed to have enough coins to play long or compete well. I decided to just collect as often as I could and not play often to build up my coins. I also tried to save my extras (wilds, extra cards, etc) until I really needed them. When you have a double credits token, play in highest mode and use a helper, like 3 wilds – then when you win you get a lot more coins. Just my strategy. I love this game and have between 5 and 8 million coins on the regular at this point… things cost a lot more as you progress too. Currently almost 30k per level.

  11. How do you use the free round that I keep getting but are useless to me because I have no clue how to use them

  12. Don’t know what to do with the gems I have collected. I am a new player, just started this week and am at level 111, I love the treasure chest with the challenges, but they don’t give many coins. I have lots of gems, but do not know what to do with them.

  13. I love this game. I’m in the 8000s right now. I can play without spending money, but do spend when I get impatient. It is frustrating when playing in the highest mode to use nearly 100,000 coins to play a round. The rewards are not commensurate with the amount of coins spent.

  14. I’m up to lvl 6100+, and also never spent a dime of real money. Like Jemma, when I get low, I stop playing so much and collect coins, the downside to that is you can lose out on all the side “games” and extra prizes. I’m disappointed that after this recent update the ability to double your daily coins by watching a brief ad has disappeared – am I the only one that noticed this? I’d love to know why it was taken away.

  15. They need to ad something to where you can auto collect your coins for instance your sleeping at work ect.

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