MARVEL Avengers Academy Cheats: Top 6 Tips and Strategies

Developed by Tinyco’s, MARVEL Avengers Academy is a mobile game that allows you to enjoy a different version of Marvel Universe. If you are bored of the frequently used universe, play the new game and you will enjoy a unique epic adventure.

As the name suggests, the game is all about running an academy. You are supposed to build a school with special facilities then recruit and train superheroes and supervillains. You should ensure the students develop their abilities and superpowers.

MARVEL Avengers Academy comes with the usual Marvel dialogue and refurbished graphics. It is an interesting game, but you may miss a lot of excitement if you are not familiar with its storyline. Here are 6 tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies to help enjoy every bit of the game.


1. Understand The Quests To Improve On Your Progress.

In MARVEL Avengers Academy, there are quests which take minutes and others which take hours to complete. Start with the quests that require little time to complete. Plan to complete the time-consuming tasks in the last stages of the game.


MARVEL Avengers Academy quest


2. Know What Quests to Accomplish At Particular Time.

Some quests come with rewards and you may want to complete them when you are in need of credit. The rewards are in the form of shards (game currency) and pym particles.

Check the board to see the available quests and their details. You will be able to assign the right resources to the tasks when you know their requirements.


3. Make Use Of Shards To Complete Extra Quests.

Speeding up things in the gaming world is always necessary, and you can do this in MARVEL Avengers Academy by using shards. Invest your earnings in completing quests and you will definitely get rewarded when you achieve milestones.

Check for a meter that counts completed tasks in order to prepare you for a new level and free shards. You can use the shards to upgrade buildings and other structures.


4. Unlock New Characters, Actions And Bonuses.

You need to complete certain quests in order to get new characters. Some of the quests that will come with new characters include: Mean Girl, Cap’s S.H.I.E.L.D, Freak Out, Task at Hand, Anti-Plan, Student of S.H.I.E.L.D and Academy Level 57.

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Ways to unlock new actions include upgrading heroes and ranking up superheroes.

Hint: Click on the blue handbag and select “Character” to see upgradable heroes.

As for the bonuses, you need to level up to earn them. You can also earn them through ranking up superheroes.


MARVEL Avengers Academy characters


5. Do Not Leave Your Characters Idle.

If you don’t have quests to complete, find other tasks for your heroes. You stand a chance to earn experience points and coins when you complete tasks that are of little importance.


MARVEL Avengers Academy idle


6. Get New Costumes For Your Heroes.

You can do this when you reach academy level 6. The Van Dyne store is available in this level and supplies outfits to your characters. You will have to spend credits to get new clothes for your heroes.

If you provide your heroes with the latest costumes, you will have an opportunity to unlock new actions and also speed up some actions.


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About MARVEL Avengers Academy

Developer: TinyCo, Inc.

Platforms: iOS | Android

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