MLB 9 Innings Beginner’s Guide: Cheats and Tips

MLB 9 Innings is an MLB-licensed game that uses real players, real teams, real ballparks, and imitates to the finest detail a real-life baseball season and a baseball game where you have to control each movement of your player to ensure that the pitch, catch, or hit is performed smoothly.

Performing flawlessly during the game can be hard even for advanced players. So if you are a beginner, our MLB 9 Innings Cheats and Tips list would be definitively of great assistance for you, helping you grasp the basics and increase your chance of building a successful career.

MLB 9 Innings Tips and Tricks:

1. Make the swing timely.

Swing timing is highly important when hitting. If you make the swing too early or too late, you will get an average hit, if not worse. It takes much practice to make it to perfect timing, but if you are patient and willing to learn you will reach an amazing base hit within a short space of time.

If you are new to baseball and are really not familiar with any markers that suggest you that it’s swinging time, we are here to help you. A good game trick for you is to avoid making the swing if the ball hasn’t entered yet the batter’s box. If you aren’t patient enough and swing before it happens, it will be considered an early swing attempt and you will either miss the hit or make little contact with the ball that will end up in a weak hit.

Also, you need to use the Swing controller to decide in which direction to send the ball.

2. Task your pitchers with appropriate pitches.

Pitchers have an enormous role in winning a game and you should be very careful when choosing the pitchers and the pitching style that you will rely on during the game. There are five attributes that determine the playing style and the skill of a pitcher. These are throwing power, fastball-throwing ability, stamina, location control, and breaking-pitch throwing ability.

It is very important to have pitchers do what they are good at. If they are good at throwing fastballs, you are better off tasking them with two-seam or four-seam pitches. While if they have excellent skills in sending breaking pitches, your best bet is to have them perform sliders or screwballs. In this way, you will ensure that you harness their potential fully.

At the same time, you must always stay unpredictable during the game and avoid making two or three identical pitches in a row. So changing the direction of the pitch and trying to throw in a new fashion every time will help you keep the batter confused and lower his chance of performing a good hit.

MLB 9 Innings ⚾️⚾️ Tips and tricks for Battles 💪💪

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3. Use Fast Progression when the score allows it.

One of the game options is to allow the computer to take over the control and play on your behalf while you are minding your business. Keep in mind though that while this may sound tempting, leaving everything to artificial intelligence may cost you dearly. The computer may have some basic patterns of playing but it cannot commensurate with what a human can do and with the rich spectrum of actions and decisions a human can take.

This is why we do not recommend you to activate Fast Progression during games with a tight score or games against powerful teams. You can do it only when your lead is high enough to guarantee you that the opponent will not be able to catch up, or when you play against weak teams that even the computer can deal with at ease.

4. Complete challenges to earn more points and stars.

The most obvious way of earning extra points and stars is by completing daily challenges that appear on the left and on the right sides of your screen. If you complete easy missions, you will be rewarded with points, while if you take on harder missions you will be given stars that you can spend on upgrading your players and buying new ones during the auction.

The more points and stars you earn, the more you can train your players, which is crucial in maintaining them in shape and preparing for challenging games.


MLB 9 Innings 24
MLB 9 Innings 24
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